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Think ahead - Fundraising - Chair-ity Auction

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I am sure many of you will be facing budget cuts...after all, don t we need smarter Patriot Missiles now more than we need art? The world
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      I am sure many of you will be facing budget cuts...after all, don't we need
      smarter Patriot Missiles now more than we need art? The world knows now that
      they don't work - so now we need to spend billions more dollars and there is
      no money left for art supplies (groan). Many of you may have to make your
      own money.

      Start planning for a fund raiser. A "Chair-ity
      Auction" might work I was very
      successful raffling off large paper mache animals in a
      private school (1990). We made three large animals
      (almost life size). I can't remember now how much we
      made by selling tickets (All grade levels bought
      tickets - parents, too). My sixth graders made the
      animals. They chose what animals to make. I made the
      armatures to save time and they did all the paper
      mache and painting (we cheated a bit by adding some
      plaster gauze for more strength).

      You could get all teachers to scramble in collecting
      chairs for re-paints. Each classroom could be
      responsible for one chair - In upper grades, you could
      have one chair per table? High school one chair per
      student? Just depends how you want to set it all up.

      Here is one success story (sent to me by Sara Scheid .Sara, are you Scheid
      or Wren?)

      STUDENT PAINTS ARTIST CHAIRS -Cherry Valley Elementary



      I highly recommend setting a minimum bid for each
      chair...Save the chairs in storage that don't sell
      then and repaint another year. Don't "give them away
      for next to nothing" in other words. It might be hard
      to find the $5.00 garage sale chairs now...folks are
      getting wiser about the value of furniture.

      If you don't think you can round up some nice wooden
      chairs - think about those one piece molded chairs.
      There is an article about them in current Smithsonian
      - how they are showing up all over the world. Buy some
      cheap at end of season. Turn them into a sculpture
      project, too. Plaster gauze them and paint with latex
      paints as base coat - They are still very durable. A
      co-worker did six of them back in 1995 and they are
      still in use at the local art resource center.
      Functional Fine Art...They added sculptural elements
      to the back of many of them -- even added casts of
      hands at the arms. IF you are interested, I will see
      if they will let me take some photos of the chairs.
      Colors are all still bright and fresh.

      Thanks Sara for sharing... I will miss my "art elf" when you get a full time
      job. Maybe someone will pick up the slack (grin). Guess what other topic
      Sara shared? SHOES! I haven't looked at those links yet...more to come.

      Oh and pardon my "war toy" vent.... no offense intended.

      Happy Planning...

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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