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Free Hands On Projects and Springtime Theme Lesson Planning

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  • heidi1988 <heidi1977@aol.com>
    Hi! My name is Heidi and I am new to this discussion list. I thought perhaps the following might interest some on this art education list. I worked hard
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003

      My name is Heidi and I am new to this discussion list.
      I thought perhaps the following might interest some on this
      art education list. I worked hard compiling all of the free lesson
      planning ideas in both of these issues. Many of you looking for
      free springtime lesson activities including Mother's Day projects,
      activities for Cinco de Mayo, etc. will also be interested in the
      some of the following links.

      Visit http://www.amonco.org/montessori_winter_handson.html
      Some of the topics include:
      Part I

      Egg Carton Violins
      Scribble Designs ~ Reawaken Those Imagination Sparking

      Part II

      Napkin Rings
      Colonial Adventures ~ A Complete Unit Study from DEMCO
      (Includes 'How to Make a Corn Husk Doll' Craft)
      Fun With Bread Dough
      Bobbing With Apples ~ Minus the Mess

      Part III

      Statues ~ A Music Activity
      Tuna Cones
      Wax Resist Holiday Pictures
      Victorian Ornaments
      Fruit Peel Flowers
      Science Project ~ Crystallization

      Part IV

      Scented Baskets
      Tin Can Luminaries
      Making a Fly Fish
      Who Gets the Woolly Socks?

      Part V

      Turn Your Classroom Into An Art Gallery
      Soap Sud Paint
      Candle Rolling Activity
      Polymer Clay Baby Food Jars

      Part VI

      Kids' Grass Snake Project
      Growing a Cultural and Ancestral Garden
      Peanut Butter Geography
      Chocolate Chip Geography
      3-D Maps

      Visit http://www.amonco.org/montessori_fall_handson.html

      Some of the following topics include:

      Special Decoupage Craft
      Instructions for Making a Guiro - Caribbean Musical Instrument
      Finger Paints Recipe

      Part II

      Old Fashioned Apple Crisp
      Recipe for Wood Dough for Sculpting

      Part III

      Nectar Recipe for Hummingbirds ~ Science Hands On Learning
      Tolcana ~ "By making this recipe of the Apalachee students
      will gain insight into the lives of some of Florida's indigenous
      people." Recipe and Unit Study from DEMCO
      Flower Pot Bells

      Part IV

      Painted Kitchen Trivet
      Barbie Clothes You and Your Children Can Make
      A Mexican Craft: Papel Picado (Perforated Paper)

      Part V

      Design Your Own Family Tartan
      Rocky Road Candy ~ A Recipe from the Past
      Flip-Flop-Splash ~ A Fun Sewing Project

      Part VI

      Geography Catch Games ~ A Game to Promote International
      Fish Printing ~ An Ancient Art First Perfected in Asia
      Beginning Cross Stitch and
      Continental Stitch for Making Coasters, Etc.

      Part VIII

      Using Your Eyes to Draw ~ An Art Project
      Zebra Stick Craft

      Visit http://www.amonco.org/springtime_celebrations.html

      Free Birdhouse Plans and Patterns

      Free Gardening Tips for those in U.S., Canada, Australia, New
      Zealand and Europe.

      Free Information Source - Seashells for Classified Reading

      Free Lesson Planning Butterfly Links

      Spring Gardening with Children - Make a Tepee (Free

      Wildflowers - Free Lesson Planning Ideas

      Free Making Art from Seashells Activity

      Free Seashell Painting

      Cinco de Mayo ~ Interdisciplinary Lesson Planning

      Cinco de Mayo ~ Holiday Recipes

      Paper Mache Pinata

      Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Holiday Zone

      Lesson Plan - Subtopic - Cinco de Mayo

      More Interdisciplinary Lesson Planning ~ Spanish Lessons and
      Cinco de Mayo

      Cinco de Mayo ~ Excellent Background Information

      Cinco de Mayo Recipes

      Hands Across the Border

      Creative Care - Ideas Books (Jenny's Crafts)

      Free Mother's Day History and Activities

      Free Mother's Day Bath Basket Project

      History of Memorial Day

      Memorial Day

      Free Father's Day Projects

      Free Easter History and Activities

      Free Passover Ideas
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