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Re: Oaxacan Animals and Mosaics (Jane)

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    Hi Jane from Maine! I sure wish I lived in Maine. Here you go, getting another fantastic and cool summer heading your way. We ve spent a lot of summers up
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2004
      Hi Jane from Maine!
      I sure wish I lived in Maine. Here you go, getting another
      fantastic and cool summer heading your way. We've spent a lot of
      summers up there, and we sure would love to live there, but not sure
      about those long winters. Anyway, about the Oaxacan Animals and

      The mosaics were done by Weezie Johnston, our other LS MS art teacher.
      I forwarded your question about the mosaics to her. I know she ordered
      it all from Sax. The designs were drawn on paper and transferred to 10
      inch boards (I think 10 inches). Some kids drew from imagination, some
      used that HUGE black and white animal collection that Dover publishes as
      reference. She showed them some examples of mosaics in a PowerPoint and
      kids noticed the variegated colors in what at first looked like a plain
      colored background, and they discussed the way the backgrounds in the
      most effective ones have movement and rhythm, rather than just being a
      grid straight across. Anyway, they used a glue from Sax for mosaics,
      and they used grout from Sax. She bought the nippers and cutters from
      Sax, as well as the tiles. You will really need to hear from her to
      know about quantities. I THINK she ordered several class packs the
      first time. One really great thing that she did this time when the kids
      finished was to go out ot Michaels and buy flowerpots or bird
      houses/feeders and cover those. She had them paint part of the
      birdhouses and use the mosaic as trim. They were spectacular.
      Unfortunately, they were completed in the last week of school and I
      don't think many people at our school got to see how GREAT they were.

      I hope that my notes that Judy provided about the Oaxacan Animals were
      what you need. It's a pretty labor intensive prep, but well worth it.
      I'll do it again next year for sure. Kids LOVED it. We used hot wood
      glue to attach the big pieces together. I had tacky glue for small
      decorative pieces that gravity could hold.
      Let me know if you have any more questions. Oh, I did have a miter box
      saw and a drill, a vise, and some frame saws (jeweler saws...not sure
      what they are called...the ones with a metal frame in a 3 sided
      rectangle that hold the very skinny blade and you hold the grip handle
      at the bottom as you saw.) Anyway, glad you liked them. I was pretty
      excited about them myself!

      Linda Woods

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