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Informative "Masks Around the World" site (multicultural)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I followed a link on Andy DiConti s site to Masks Around the World http://www.masksoftheworld.com/ An on-line shop for mask collectors
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      I followed a link on Andy DiConti's site to "Masks Around the World"
      "An on-line shop for mask collectors and folk art lovers featuring tribal
      masks from Africa, India, the Himalayas, Asia, China, Korea, Java, Bali, New
      Guinea, Northwest Coast America, Mexico, Guatemala, the Caribbean, and
      Native America. Also included are masks for Halloween, Party, Drama, Art,
      and Protection."

      Those of you planning multicultural units may want to take a look this
      summer. There is also a link to a book about the collection for only around
      $10.00. There are many wonderful images on the site. I will not be linking
      this site up (It is a commercial site) - so take a peak. This is a great
      site for a collection of images for a PowerPoint to get you started.
      I believe that Bob Ibold (owner of the collection) wants you to use these
      for educational purposes (in class use). Do check is you plan to post images
      on your sites, though.

      I will work on getting some "masks around the world" links on IAD - as that
      is a frequent search topic. Many of the sites I found last summer are no
      longer online.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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