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  • Judy Decker
    Sorry Stephanie - I don t have the site anymore. I searched my sent folder and no longer have the website. Maybe someone saved it? I know it was over the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Sorry Stephanie - I don't have the site anymore.

      I searched my sent folder and no longer have the website.
      Maybe someone saved it?

      I know it was over the summer when I posted it the first time - so you could
      check the list mail archives. I don't have time to do that right now. I did
      a quickie Google search to see if I could get the site to come up again -
      and also did a artsednet search and couldn't get my Getty post to come up.

      As far as setting up your program.... I would plan for 6 projects for 18
      weeks - spend about three weeks (some may take two weeks while others may
      take four) on each culture. I would not lock yourself into specific
      countries - but focus on big ideas - Purposes for art and exploration of

      My little art dolls could work for a lesson on adornment and costume.
      Puppets would be a neat lesson, too (Vietnamese- Chinese - Japanese -
      Malian - etc). show all sorts of puppets -- then have student create one
      that represents our culture. Lesson could be marionettes which would tie in
      sculpture too.

      Do a fiber art project (this could be weaving or coil baskets - using many
      cultures for reference) - sculpture (this could be paper mache - or the
      puppets) - painting (folk art - this could be Amate or art of India - or
      even Russian folk art painting - or Ndebele painting) - printmaking (this
      could tie in textile design) - ceramics - Foil tooling would be a good unit,
      too (that bridges many cultures - Mexico - Nigeria - and others) - and maybe
      the adornment lesson (could be paper dolls) - maybe one lesson on all found
      materials (recycling - see Recycled: Re-seen video - it is multicultural)?

      A neat lesson I saw on an elementary site was painting on glass plates
      (looked like Russian black lacquer). I think they painted on the back side -
      them coasted with black paint.
      The "lacquer" boxes are nice too:

      Start by discussing how artists get ideas...and purposes -- then look at
      objects we use everyday - talk about the aesthetic qualities etc of each.
      Much cultural art is functional. Maybe have them select ONE culture to learn
      more in-depth - and collect information themselves - then have a culminating
      project in choice of media to represent that culture. this could be their
      own ancestry - or jus tone they feel passionate about. See Grace Hall
      Independent Project lesson plan:

      This is a "skeletal" plan Patty Knott is working on for their crafts class.

      HandMADE by Design ( or Design for Living)
      1. The Creative Process
      how do artists get ideas
      what can you do with materials?
      how to keep a journal/sketchbook
      look at folk artists, outsiders as well as master craftsman
      altered books
      2. fashion
      art to wear
      body adornment
      3. my environment
      chairs, lamps, clocks what do we need for living
      4. Recycled
      found objects
      include dolls and puppets
      5. materials
      metals wood clay fibers paper
      student choice to create a big project

      Personal Artifacts
      Tools & Equipment for Materials
      Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
      Tools & Equipment for Communication
      Distribution & Transportation Artifacts
      Communication Artifacts
      Recreation Artifacts
      Unclassifiable Artifacts

      Hope this helps,

      Judy Decker
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