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Re: [art_education] transporting question

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  • cmaria
    Simple... have your students design their own lable on the computer...they love that, one of the most favorite artsy thing for my students. Put those
    Message 1 of 3 , May 4, 2004
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      have your students design their own lable on the computer...they love
      that, one of the most favorite "artsy' thing for my students.
      Put those labels on their individual pencils and keep them in your room.
      Gee willikers...if germs become a factor and nothing can be shared on
      supplies, the art rooms will be in big trouble..
      However, with pencils I can understand it, for kids constantly chew on
      them an dkeep them in their mouth..
    • MissCaiola@aol.com
      Jeannette, I also have put thought into this germ question with regards to the students use of my art pencils. I always have 35 art pencils sharpened and
      Message 2 of 3 , May 9, 2004
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        I also have put thought into this germ question with regards to the students use of my art pencils.  I always have 35 art pencils sharpened and stored in a clear tennis ball container that are used for all of my students for art class...so that is 556 students using these pencils every two weeks.  I thought that was a lot of germs being passed to my students!
        So, I went to my building operator and asked if he had any industrial strength disenfectant.  He gave me a spray dissenfectant that is hospital strength, kills the HIV virus, hepititus, staff, strep, flu and bacteria on both pourous and non pourous serfaces.  
        Then, after every class the students collected all of my art pencils (which are "sharpied" with "art" at the top by the eraser barrell so as not to get stolen), and count to make sure there are 35 pencils.  Between classes I dump the pencils from the tennis container onto an old lunch tray, spray the pencils with the dissenfectant, then return them to the container.  Ready for the next class. 
        I was spraying the pencils after every class, but what about my shared crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc?  Was I going to have to go through each box of crayons, spray each crayon, put them one by one back in the box, spray the box?  That would take up so much time, but I was wondering if my room was a total germ fest.  Before my head exploded, I asked my doctor.
        After speaking to my doctor about this issue, and he said that the germs that are left on pencils after a child uses them do not live on those pencils for very long because it is not a hospitable environment.  Pencils are not damp, are not in dark places, and provide no food for the "germs".  It is more risky touching the faucet of the school bathroom sink than it woud be to touch a pencil that had been sneezed upon in the class before.  He said that a quick spritz with rubbing alcohol from a spritz bottle would be sufficient enough to kill any residual germs.  He said the only time that I would need to use that industrial strenght disenfectant would be if a pencil got in contact with blood or extreme amounts of bodily fluids.
        So, now I save my fancy dissenfectant for any severe accidents and I simply use rubbing alcohol in a well labeled spray bottle for pencils at the end of each day.   I don't spray anything else in my room, exept my sponges, with disenfectant. 
        Sorry this is winded, hope it helps your situation.  As for the stealing of the pencils, I say count them before class or keep a simple rounded number and label the pencil container with this number.  Your pencil student collector should be in charge of counting the pencil total at the end of art class.   I stop students who are chewing on my pencils and mention why we don't chew things that are not ours (the germs speach)

        As for students carrying their own art pencils to class, our elementary students carry pencils to art class (if they don't like mine) and we have no issues with marks on the walls.  Students have to put the pencil in a pocket, if no pocket then in hand at their sides.
        The baggies in the student folders for their pencils: Ziplock brand has a great new snack size baggie that is only about 2" deep but long/wide enough for a pencil.  This would serve your purpose without having the pencils fall out of the folders. 
        Good luck,
        Patti in Ohio
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