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RE: [art_education] Some Thinking...What are YOUR questions about Art Ed?

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  • Charlot Cassar
    Hi everyone I usually lurk in the background as I am kind of busy (anyone knows what that means?)amongst other reason, because I am reading my masters (should
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2004
      Hi everyone

      I usually lurk in the background as I am kind of busy (anyone knows what
      that means?)amongst other reason, because I am reading my masters (should be
      over soon, grin!). Talking of short cuts - for which the students can
      definitely not be blamed, even though sometimes they do work with some of
      them - Andrew Pollard has recently (2002) published a book called Readings
      for Reflective Teaching (available through Amazon). It is a collection of
      about a 120 key texts from modern and not so modern educational research
      intended specifically for the busy teacher. Only the main and most important
      parts of the research papers are included and this makes the reading a
      pleasure. Becuase of the way they are presented you get to concentrate on
      the gist of the paper, without getting lost in all the nitty-gritty of the
      research itself. It does not deal with Art education directly, but with
      broader issues in education, most of which can be very easily applied art

      Judy - I think I even came across a paper that deals with teacher motivation
      and willingness to learn and its effect on pupils... will check it out and
      let you know.

      Something else....

      For all those of you who are passionate about Caravaggio - at the moment
      Malta is hosting Caravaggio - La Mostra Impossibile (The Impossible
      Exhibition). They have digitally reproduced all of Caravaggio's known works
      on transparent boards and back lit them. The overall effect is stunning to
      say the least. Check it out on www.caravaggio.com

      Cheers everyone.


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      Subject: [art_education] Some Thinking...What are YOUR questions about
      Art Ed?

      Greetings Art Educators,

      My "passion" now a days is to improve art education via my computer and
      these busy fingers (grin).

      I am bringing some of these big questions from Renee too all lists (thanks

      >From Renee Berg:

      I bought the Research and Methodologies in Art Education book through NAEA
      and I bought the Arts and the Creation of Mind by Elliot Eisner. In his last
      chapter he poses research needed in Arts Education. Some of the questions

      What do teachers of the arts do when they teach and what are its
      What kind of curriculum activities do teachers ask students to engage in?
      To what content are those activities related?
      What forms of thinking do they evoke?
      How do they introduce what they want their students to learn?
      What kinds of comments do they make to their students as they view their
      What kind of scaffolding do they provide?
      What kind of emotional support do they provide so that their students can
      take risks?
      How do they go about developing their students technical skills
      Do they promote the use of imagination through their teaching and how?

      ...... Many more questions on page 215. We have to pose our research as a
      question. I think I'm learning towards: How does the use of a wireless lab
      impact art teacher instruction and student inquiry? I'm not sure. I looked
      also at: How does peer critiquing effect the students final product?

      Judy's Ramble:

      To all who do have to do research...What are YOU passionate about? and how
      can you design a project around one of your passions? I had fun helping a
      Getty list member focus on her topic for research yesterday.... I learned a
      lot from mine and use it everyday now.....and help other art teachers around
      the world us it... Mine was on hypermedia (motivation to learn using
      hypermedia) and since the school would not purchase CD-ROMs for my students
      to use - I had to make my own - my web site. My first hypermedia lesson was
      my African Art Lesson:
      Ones that followed were much easier to create as I just did a one page
      lesson for those. As time went on - I made my Internet lessons easier and
      easier for me - some just to the point of taking students to the links pages
      and telling them which links I wanted them to explore. There was always a
      criteria to document at least three new things they learned for a passing
      grade. My main objective was to get them READING the information on the
      pages and exploring the images that are out there....hunting for picky
      details never interested me - I wanted the Big Ideas. My other main
      objective was to make learning course content more fun - to give them
      choices - and to get them surfing the internet on their own. My students
      brought URLs into me all the time to add. I am all ears for anyone wanting
      help using the Internet with your students. My links pages are free for the
      "borrowing" - they are all easy html files so can be saved to file and
      revised. I do like it when folks give me credit for compiling them. Do check
      for broken links when you put them on your sites - I no longer check my
      pages for broken links-YOU are using them - you have that responsibility. I
      am just a "collector" now.

      I won't tell you my questions about Art Ed today.... Patty Knott knows them
      and Pam Stephens knows them...and I am pleased as punch to see that Elliot
      Eisner has many of them, too (grin). I won't ever need to publish "my
      book"....I will just try to get folks reading what is out there.

      I will give you what I wanted to research and couldn't find much out there.
      "What effect does teacher motivation to learn have on student learning?" In
      other words -- How motivated are you to learn knew things and try them with
      your students? How enthusiastic are you? Do you teach your passions? I could
      only find one research article done on the college level.... not much out
      there back in 1998. There was lot on student motivation and I pulled from
      that for my research project. How much are teachers experimenting today? Are
      they looking for easy answers? If you as a teacher are looking for "short
      cuts" - can you blame the students?


      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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