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I Can Fly Videos I -II -III - & Dropping in on Matisse

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, I previewed all I Can Fly Videos - I was just so curious. They sounded like so much fun. Turn to page 25 in your Art Video world
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2004
      Greetings Art Educators,

      I previewed all I Can Fly Videos - I was just so curious. They sounded like
      so much fun.
      Turn to page 25 in your Art Video world Catalog (1-800-644-3429) - they give
      the best descriptions of videos I have seen. All three videos are hosted by
      teenager, Austin Irving who relates very well to the kids in the videos.
      Those who buy into TAB Choice Art Education will really like what these
      videos have to offer, too. I Can Fly I shows the value of a comprehensive
      program integrating visual art, dance and performance art. Watching the
      short segments of Blue Man Group will give you ideas for your own
      performance group. I thought of putting liquid watercolors in spray bottles
      and spraying them at a canvas to mix colors -- with kids wearing bright
      colored trash bags (our grocery store sells colors). Seeing the performance
      artists will give you ideas on how to make music with ordinary objects. See
      how you can bring dance into your curriculum.

      I Can Fly I gives short segments with Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence, and
      Elizabeth Catlett (pottery). This video will really motivate the kids to
      explore and create. Provide some free play with materials after this
      video...Maybe see how many different way the can get paint onto their
      papers. Have some fun. This is geared to grade K thru 3 - but older students
      would like it too. Video is 25 minute long.

      I Can Fly II shows all the thinking that goes into making a painting as it
      explores five key elements of painting (not to be confused with our elements
      of design): color- light -style -texture and subject. The video features
      classic works of art as well as modern artists Faith Ringgold, Jacob
      Lawrence and Romare Bearden. Blue Man Group performances are the same as in
      ICF I - Paper Bag Players have been added. Video is 25 minutes long. This
      would be good for grades 1 thru 5 - but middle school kids may enjoy it -
      especially for some service learning -- teach some of this to younger

      I Can Fly III features Chuck Close through out the video. This is one I
      though would even be good for middle school students as it presents many of
      the modern styles of painting. I did however find some errors in their
      presentation. I disagree where they placed Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy. I
      believe his work belongs in a fantasy/surreal. I think they showed it for
      Fauvism. They also called Jackson Pollock Abstract Impressionism - while I
      have always heard that style as Abstract Expressionism. Blue Man Group,
      Stomp and Paper Bag Players are in this one as well. 27 minutes long. All
      three I Can Fly videos are $39.95 each.

      Dropping in on Matisse - also listed on page 25 in Art Video World ($29.95)
      If you liked Dropping in on Rousseau - you will like this one too. This one
      was also written by Pam Stephens (Getty and Art Education list member - and
      college professor). Puffer the Puffin interviews Matisse critiquing briefly
      six works of art. Goldfish is always a good one for kids as is woman with
      Hat. I have always like Egyptian Curtain too. The teaching booklet that
      comes with this has a nice chronology and several lesson suggestions to get
      you thinking. Incredible Art Department has some of them on the site. I will
      be adding a link for this video on the lesson plans soon.

      Has anyone seen Henri Matisse: Pattern & Paper? I will check that one out

      While I didn't go into great detail here - I hope I have given you enough to
      consider the value of these in your program.
      Of course - opinions on videos will always vary. I highly recommend you
      preview these as soon as you get them. This company is willing to exchange
      videos within 30 days. I know your librarian may want to catalog them
      first - try to persuade him/her to allow you to view them first. My school
      got stuck with videos I never used with students -- they wouldn't let me
      check them out to view till they were catalogued (months too late!).

      If there are videos you are curious about let me know. I have previewed many
      that are available at my local Art Resource center. Those of you with
      limited budgets might want to think about pooling your $$ with the rest of
      your staff and start a centrally located resoure center in your district.
      Many videos can go for K thru 6-- while a majority can go for grades 6 thru
      12 (with some fast forwarding). Personally I didn't order many videos that
      were longer than 45 minutes. I could usually edit out enough of a 45 minute
      video to get it all shown in one class period.

      More video reviews to come. Share your experience with any of these listed


      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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