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RE: [art_education] Help Grace Hall with her Soldiers project

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  • gchall@bsb.k12.la.us
    Hi Everyone and thank you so much for your support in this. Unfortunatley it didn t go over as well here as I d hoped. The other art teachers in my area were
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 28, 2004
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      Hi Everyone and thank you so much for your support in this. Unfortunatley it
      didn't go over as well here as I'd hoped. The other art teachers in my area
      were too busy with other things to fit it in. Thier loss. I'm just glad
      someone besides me and Judy see the value in this project.

      I am collecting addresses from anyone who will give them to me. Our local boys
      from the 205th Division are coming home the second week of May. Hooray for
      them! But they were to be the major recients of our postcards. Now I'm
      collecting addressess from people in the community who want us to send them to
      a loved one of thiers. We announced it on the intercom at school, and I'm
      going to put a want ad in the newspaper too. I would suggest that you find out
      if there is a National Guard Division in your area who has men and women over
      there. They can give you all the addresses you need. Or, if you are in an
      area where there is a Military base or division, call them. We made around 70
      postcards, and we've got addresses for about 1/8th, we hope to get a lot more.
      Thank you everyone who is interested in showing our troops your support. They
      are really going thru a rough time right now, and I think this is a nice way to
      give them an encouraging pat on the back. I'm going to start posting them to
      Artsonia pretty soon. My computer has been off line for about 3 months and the
      work that I need to upload to artsonia has backed up considerably.
      Take Care All, and thank you again.

      > Grace,
      > I need to know how to ship the cards. I didn't get that info.
      > Elizabeth
      > Edwardsville, IL
      > >From Grace....
      > I had an idea that
      > might be good to launch from this list and want to run it past you. I
      > want to do something artistic and thoughtful to show appreciation to the
      > guys overseas in Iraq an d Afghanistan, especially the ones that I have
      > taught. I was thinking that it might be fun to send laminated post cards
      > to the soldiers to let them know we appreciate their service and
      > courage, something to remind them that even people they don't know are
      > thinking about them and praying for their safe return home. So I was
      > thinking about doing this as a lesson with my students, to have each one
      > create a 5 x 7 inch work of art that would be laminated and sent to a
      > special soldier from our community. I have certain ones in mind, and I
      > thought I could get more addresses from students and the rest of the
      > community. I was thinking this would be a good lesson on American
      > culture, sharing, caring, and expressing support. Kind of a character
      > lesson? Our parish is currently having a cover design contest for our
      > Fair Catalog with the theme this year being "Honoring Those Who Served."
      > I was thinking that some of the designs st udents create for the
      > soldiers
      > might also work for the cover design. I might also invite other art
      > teachers in the parish to do this with me to have more soldiers get
      > them. So what do you think? What have I not thought of? I just knew you
      > would be the one to consult with on this, and I look forward to hearing
      > what you suggest.
      > Take care,love,
      > Grace
      > -------------------------------------------
      > I will compile into one big email and send to Grace.
      > Judy Decker - Ohio
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      > are
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