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  • Trish
    We use muffin trays to keep glazes from spilling with smaller jars. I like the 8 oz printing ink ink jars to glaze out of. Trisha ... We use muffin trays to
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      We use muffin trays to keep glazes from spilling with smaller jars. I like the 8 oz printing ink ink jars to glaze out of. 


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      Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:59 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


      Hi all,
      Happy new teaching year to those who have started and if you are like me, you are awaiting the new year next week.
      I teach Middle School 3-D art and start the year with clay projects. I have a dilemma re: glazing. In the past I used Duncan glazes in pint screw top containers. The kids painted right out of the container.
      This year I bought Stroke and Coat and will be replacing the Duncan colors year by year. Only problem is that they are in tall flip cap squeeze bottles. Not conducive to painting from the bottle any more.
      In the past I used to pour a little glaze in small portion cups, but that wasted SO MUCH glaze-kids would spill it, take to much, not remember what color they had and not put it back in the proper bottle, etc, etc, etc.

      So anybody have any genius ideas that I cannot come up with on how to minimize waste and have the kids get their own glazes? I only let them use one color at a time, wash their brush and put away the glaze before they can get the next color. The system worked pretty well.

      Thanks for suggestions in advance!


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