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Top Skills Students Learn from the ARTS (not specific to visual art)

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, A member from Art Education list posted the Washington Post article - while I am posting its original source:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2013
      Greetings Art Educators,

      A member from Art Education list posted the Washington Post article -
      while I am posting its original source:

      I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a carbon copy of what Elliot
      Eisner has written (and is now posted all over the web on various
      sites. I saw it first on NAEA site).

      I am posting the blog site as the comments to the blog post are quite
      good and worth a look. I agree with "Mark" - having an art program
      does not guarantee those results - those skills. It does take a
      skilled teacher/skilled staff to develop those leadership skills and
      creativity. I do know that TAB programs (Teaching for Artistic
      Behavior - Choice Based Art Education) do foster those skills- the
      individual decision making/problem solving skills and collaboration. I
      can not stand behind the
      approaches however (Sorry folks - don't mean to offend....Just wish to
      see some changes, I guess)

      Save this post and use it to reflect on your own program. Are you
      encouraging the skills - Art USA 10 skills/ Eisner's 10 lessons?
      Budgets will be slashed. You know you will lose funds for art
      supplies. How will you defend what you do? Sure doesn't look good for
      Ohio schools anyways.....

      Some businesses ARE looking to hire individuals with those skills....
      I know I have posted before, my son got his job at Toyota because of
      his arts' background (visual, music, drama....Well, he even danced in
      one play he was in, but can't say he is that great of a dancer --
      chuckles - or has much of a singing voice. He had to sing in that
      production as well). Matt was one a five from the US this year to
      present at the global Toyota conference in Japan. Matt has been with
      Toyota since 2006 - a mechanical engineer (from Ohio University... not
      any of the big name engineering schools - although he hired in with
      many from those big name schools).

      Hope this helps with your Arts Advocacy.


      Judy Decker
      Retired Middle School Art Teacher
      I have had more students go on to study religion in college than art,
      which is kind of fun. I have had many who have continued to create art
      for enjoyment....and I have had many who buy art because of my
      teachings (I would see them when I volunteered at Ten Thousand
      Villages)....Maybe only one or two go onto teach art....and that is
      OK, too. I didn't show them that teaching art was an easy job (smile).
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