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What is a Tip In? More to come -- PLUS Define "Smart" goals?

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings All, For all members who want to know what a Tip In is - or who have never participated before, please sign up for a Yahoo Group (listed below). I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2012
      Greetings All,

      For all members who want to know what a "Tip In" is - or who have
      never participated before, please sign up for a Yahoo Group (listed
      below). I only posted now to see if Getty list members were following
      my own rule and Getty's own rules - to not post email addresses to
      list. I know it is an accident most of the time, however, Getty's own
      STAFF still replies to the list when they are away from the the office
      - and posts all email addresses when they do. I easily forgive people
      I KNOW who do it by accident.

      I am not posting any art sharing Tip In experiences to Getty list
      again, however, I DO have one post about sharing ideas that is
      IMPORTANT. I don't even think that former list member even "listens"
      to Getty TeacherArtExchange anymore? I find him on TAB list (Teaching
      for Artistic Behavior). I have learned so much from him on how to be a
      better art teacher. I didn't know him until the end of my art teaching
      career. He is a real "gem". Yes, I did meet him on Getty list when it
      was ArtsEdNet (? - something like that).

      Also, If any one really wants "smart" goals, sign up for TAB Yahoo
      List and listen before you ask questions - look in their list archives
      and file section ....Sending to the other lists as well as I don't
      remember which group asked the questions now.....
      I need to know more what you mean by "smart" goals to answer how to
      set them for any grade level. I am sure "smart" goals stands for
      something that begins with S-M-A-R-T..... (Science? Math? Art?
      Reading? Technology?) ... I have sort of lost the vocabulary. I need a
      refresher course.

      Yes, I do have enough participants already who WANT to participate
      again in a Tip In. The exchange isn't until SUMMER 2013. I just wanted
      to know if members were still interested in having another exchange.
      ALL who have signed up in the past, WILL get personal emails from me
      before the exchange begins. All who replied with interest who have not
      done it before know where to sign up to find more information later
      (ArtsEducators Yahoo and/or Art Education Yahoo). TAB Yahoo members
      all already know where to find information. This time, I am only
      organizing the exchange and I will be turning it over to someone else
      to be host. She will set the end mail date and will have to be more
      firm than I was. We now only do FIVE pages to be mailed - and we keep
      one for ourselves (so a total of six pages). Each participant then
      gets five different pages returned. We mail back PRIORITY MAIL only
      now, so you have to send a PAID for Priority Stamp.


      Judy Decker
      Retired since 2001 from teaching art - but never retired 100% from teaching.
      I guess I will always be some kind of teacher?

      P.S. Please accept my apology - as I am sure something I wrote may
      have offended someone (smile). I never offend people on purpose. All
      I can do is apologize in advance now. I just got done writing my own
      "smart" goals - but they have nothing to do with teaching art. I have
      18 to list - but I need to re-write them in proper order. Actually 18
      is way too many for me. So I am putting number 1 and number 2 in the
      right order first. I can not post them to the list as I have already
      posted them before and people did not like my goals, so I learned that
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