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RE: [art_education] starting a new year

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  • The Ericksons
    Hey Jeryl! Happy first day of school! Today was meet the teacher and our kiddoes start Friday. I think it is my 17th year but I m not sure! Got my
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2012


        Hey Jeryl!  Happy first day of school!  Today was meet the teacher and our kiddoes start Friday.   I think it is my 17th year but I’m not sure! 

      Got my notification today that I too will have the honor of teaching a seminar at NAEA.   Can’t wait to see you and to make new friends with all of you

      new teachers out there!   Speak up and introduce yourselves-we’d love to get to know you. 

      My initiative is to put the 8 Habits of the Artist onto my wall giant size.  I am spray painting giant letters in the garage right now.  


      Survived my first day of school ( again- 28 years and counting) My school is
      transitioning to a school of creativity and innovation so it should be a
      challenging year as we re-invent ourselves. I got my notification of acceptance
      at the NAEA conference and Amy from Tn ( she thinks she has an email issue
      because she hasn't been getting any digests) also is doing two presentations so
      we have already BOOKED a room. That is crazy for us since we usually wait until
      the last minute. Have a great opening to the new year-- check out the video
      from OK GO called Primary Colors. It is a great movement video for little ones.
      I let my students dance to it like it was a dance revolution game. Fun!
      Jeryl in SC

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