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Re: Sketchbook Class & Painting 101

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  • priorhouse
    Hi Terri - Sketch ideas here: http://www.nisk.k12.ny.us/departments/art/sketchbookideas.html ~~~ And here
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 8, 2012
      Hi Terri -

      Sketch ideas here:


      And here http://www.coolschool.k12.or.us/courses/116200/index.php).
      Elements of Design
      Principles of Design
      Gesture Line
      Contour Line
      Value Scales
      7. Hatching

      One-Point Perspective
      Two-Point Perspective
      Portraiture No Training
      Portraiture With Training
      14. Artist Research
      15. Animation

      ~~~ Also, a while ago I found an online site that had really good sketching ideas- if I find the link I will send it later, but two things to share from it....
      While making whisper light lines (which were important for certain lessons he had)- they would have to stand at the door to show their sheet - if the student in the back of the room could see it, well it was not light enough - not whisper light!

      He had students make a grid in the back of their sketchbook (last page). Using a ruler, they each make about one inch sized boxes. The grid is used to draw three quick drawings at the start of each class. Anything goes and any pencil can be used, but many times students practice a recently learned technique (like gesture lines, overlapping, different pressure, 3-D, etc.)

      Try to keep it to three per class because they tend to give more care to what they make. Students can then share with a partner - and he suggested that if a student could not identify the picture - a title was written in, but if the picture was guessed correctly (or just obvious) they did not have to title it. Sometimes we shared as a group or some days we do not have the time for the three pictures, but in the beginning of the year it is a rich way to start the class with a consistent thing. I highly suggest using this grid idea - because it warms kids up right away and settles the class fast. Also, it can be used for a sponge filler if needed. And - it helps the teacher learn a lot about ability, progression, interest, and creativity or talent. It can also warm up the mind for and have cognitive perks.

      ~Mrs.Prior in VA

      PS I have a list of 50 things I think every student needs to draw and/or paint (IMO). It was just a list I threw together for our drama club that starts with art... (Of course there is more to cover than just 50 items- but here are "my" top 50:(http://dashrva.blogspot.com/).

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, Terri Frohman <boots13@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I am teaching two new classes this year. I would like to develop a
      > semester long sketchbook development class and a general painting 101
      > class with my high school students.
      > I will be lucky enough to have only about 15 students in each class.
      > Does anyone have a curriculum they might be able to share with me to
      > get me started on ideas and planning? I have no other colleagues at
      > work and rely much on this forum to help get me through!!!
      > Thank you
      > Terri NYC
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