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Re: tough schedules, low budgets, minimal supplies

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  • Larry Seiler
    Funny...I avoided my art digest last couple days, for one...quite busy setting up my EZ-UP tent and art, also played/performed. Our consortium bistro/gallery
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 22, 2012

      Funny...I avoided my art digest last couple days, for one...quite busy setting up my EZ-UP tent and art, also played/performed.  Our consortium bistro/gallery art guild put on our annual event.  Last year it was "Colossal Picasso" and this year, "Go Go Van Gogh"...heading over to take my tent down shortly...but two, I labored over my little rant, just how much to say, what wasn't necessary to put out there, etc., and really...part of me didn't quite what your responses might be, perhaps a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps quit whining" thing...hahaa.

      So...let me say thank you...you have all been graciously empathetic, and as we find, we have all gone thru some interesting challenges.

      What causes my head to spin, and is hard to wrap around more than anything these days, is the willingness to conduct a grand experiment with ideas at behest of our students.  The cuts, stripping of collective bargaining removing our voices of input...etc., and I think we all knew something has to change, a different way perhaps to fund education...but to suddenly posit teachers and education in so negative a light serves to justify and invite upheaval.  Removing the rudder of a boat already tossing about in turbulent waters.  I wonder what happens to THIS generation of young people hoping to adequately prepare for their future?

      So much of the sound bytes, actions taken are looking at the immediate which just flies in the face of all education and educated individuals knowing we always set our face toward the future.  Looking to tomorrow.  As said...so many about to retire and still I wait to something, ANYTHING about a "plan" for the inevitable.  Not looking beyond their nose. 

      Shaking my head...thinking, forty students in a classroom.  Think that is much now?  How many when over half are gone.  Retired...

      So much talk now about paying for achievement, incentives..demanding the best from teachers (pressure on)...but without a "plan"...are they going to simply grab people off the street?  "Pssssst...hey bud?  You work on taxes...math right?  Would you be interested in teaching?" 

      So shortsighted while heavy handedly and bullishly asserting changes for the immediate.

      Yes...tough times for all...so many with so many questions about what tomorrow brings in near every profession.  There is no question we all are finding need for resiliency...but when economic times are difficult (and we have seen this before) education becomes a repository for anger, a point to affix blame.  Everyone is hurting, and teachers (here in Wisconsin I know for a certainty living here...likely where you all live too) become a source all struggling hurting citizenry can come in solidarity, something they can all come to agree to direct fault or blame.  Its so surreal, you would think valuing their own children...such hostility need look no further than the ramifications found in one's own home.  One's own children.

      So...a tip of the hat to all of you...fellow travelers in the storm.

      I love to offer quotes to students such as Winston Churchill's "success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" (and Churchill was a painter.  Even wrote a small book on painting, and I have a copy), and Edgar Degas who said, "Painting is easy when you don't know how but very difficult when you do!"

      I think we could insert the word "Education" for painting in Degas words, and it would rightly define those not involved in education.  Thinking the solutions to be found so easy...

      A good day to all...and a better week, as we tighten our seatbelts for the ride ahead....Peace...


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