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Re: Duck drawing contest- 3/15 deadline - (? about entering contests

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  • Larry Seiler
    Spent from late 70 s to early 90 s as a professional wildlife artist, Karen...winning a number of major state and regional awards...last one I entered and won
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2012

      Spent from late 70's to early 90's as a professional wildlife artist, Karen...winning a number of major state and regional awards...last one I entered and won was Wisconsin's Inland Trout Stamp competition.  I more or less lost interest because the state made it a token event by eliminating the requirement for sportsmen to have a physical stamp on their licneses.  They get a vulcanized printed licenses that now simply prints the stamp type.  I've heard they still make stamps, and for an additional $3 counter fee, you can ask for it at a DNR office...but this step on theirs more or less affected the marketing of a collectible print. 

      If folks don't see the image in the form of a stamp, they aren't going to have presence of mind to stop..pay more, and request the stamp...and more, are not going to consider buying a print.  It strikes me odd that the DNR had a huge public relations good thing going when they drove such interest to the stamp and stamp art market...but let it fall to hardly anything, and have of recent attempted.to instill interest to submit work at the high school level.  I think they would generate more genuine interest were they to have continued the requirement for stamp carry.  Kind of odd...

      Good to hear of your student's success...

      Myself today, I paint more outdoors on location...(plein air) and for a number of years had some students that were excited to go along with me on weekends to paint.  I traveled a good deal on summer time off to teach plein workshops now, mostly in oils...and have done GO to MEETINGS for F&W Publications (Artist Magazine, American Artist...North Light Books).  Currently working on a couple Artist Network University four week courses for them...one on plein air ...another on using wet media such as gouache, acrylics.  Did one for them on Foundations...

      I have seen the fliers on the competitions, but wondered why after they've more or less chilled the excitement of entering for professionals...they turned to youth.  Usually that is to encourage something as they turn to adulthood.

      There is still the Federal Duck Stamp art program though that makes some serious money.  Back in the 80's a friend of mine won...was worth about $2 million then.  I think it is substantially less now...all based on stamp print sales for the artist, for the most part.

      I think the research end is good to understand if the reward were great enough.  Back in the day I used to crawl on my stomach in flooded muddy pea fields to get close to mating pairs of ducks to take 35mm photographs.  It is very challenging since a stringent rule is no plagerism...no using of published photographs without permissions.  I used to visit aviaries...and some friends built their own home ponds to acquire and study pairs of various duck species.  All quite serious back in the day when winning catapulted a career.


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