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  • The Ericksons
    Larry, Off the cuff I can think of ..Curriculum-Based Instruction, Cross-Curricular Instruction, Curriculum Mapping with Aligned Teaching and the latest in my
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      Off the cuff I can think of ….Curriculum-Based Instruction,  Cross-Curricular Instruction, Curriculum Mapping with Aligned Teaching and the latest in my area Common Core Standards.   It’s always reminded me of a round pendulum swinging from movement to movement with each “label” sure that what they are promoting will be the secret code to align teachers, students and education everywhere.  I’m certain I’ve learned something from each one of them but after 30 years I haven’t see one that is the perfect solution.  



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      There is food for thought, appreciate that bit on Brain research and China's problem...thanks, Jeff...

      Art for a good long time has had to go thru philosophical hoops to justify keeping it as a subject especially in economic downturn times.  Your observation of facts, turning from critical thinking is a somber note...

      Would be interesting to list all the hoops jumped thru for art instruction in just my time...and these come to immediate mind-  Unit Based instruction (60's-70's)...DBAE (discipline based art education)...Outcome Based, Performance Based...and I know I'm missing more current constructs.

      The shake up now is that the economic and political down turns are targeting every subject, all of education...requiring a whole new philosophical hoop for everyone to jump thru...

      The sound bytes may appear just too good for the political mantra to ignore, saying such things as we need to compete with China, improve our "test scores"...but the trend to invest less in education, cut debt... bring so much change as effecting a mass experiment upon each state suddenly with no trial group to point to as beacons of success.  I'm afraid the country is shooting itself in the foot, and running generations under the bus...without regard to them.

      These really are crazy absurd times.  Its like, fasten your seat belts...

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