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  • Raylene
    While not a point and shoot, Olympus now make a dslr which I got the opportunity to try at a recent trade show and I loved it. It has the function of an slr
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      While not a point and shoot, Olympus now make a dslr which I got the opportunity to try at a recent trade show and I loved it. It has the function of an slr with none of the bulk or (to my understanding ) complication. I believe it was called the om-d. I have a canon 5dm2 and I would certainly buy this for personal use

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      On 04/06/2012, at 12:48 AM, Diane Gregory <gregory.diane55@...> wrote:


      Hi Betsy,

      So very kind of you to get back to me.  I actually was thinking about getting a point and shoot camera, since most public schools these days can not afford to buy SLR cameras.  I doubt my art teachers will have the money buy SLRs.  I had an Olympus digital point and shoot camera many years ago.  I loved it.  It was so easy to use.  I really want something that will be easy to teach how to use.

      Is the Canon PowerShot SD 1200 easy to use?

      I got a Canon Rebel SLR and found it was so heavy and difficult to navigate through the menu, that I rarely used it.  I now have a Nikon SLR and it is complicated as well and I would not relish teaching them how to use it.  They are required to take a photo class for their certification requirements, so I thought I could leave the higher end stuff to the photo teachers.  What do you think about that rationale?  Am I off track.

      I really want a camera that is easy to use, is digital and can be used to take photos that we can put into the laptops and iPads that we will have.  I am trying to create a mobile technology art ed classroom.

      Have you had any trouble with cameras being lost or stolen? I am also getting ten or twelve laptops and at least 10 iPads?  I worry about how to store them and keep them secure, maintained, etc.

      Any suggestions along this line would be very helpful.

      Thanks again for getting back to me.


      On Jun 3, 2012, at 7:12 AM, Betsy Brigham <betsybrigham@...> wrote:


      My school has a set of 10 point & shoot cameras, Canon powershot SD1200, and they're terrific. I bought the same model for myself (1300 model) and for my daughter (now up to 1400) and the quality just keeps getting better-- excellent resolution for both stills and video. We've had the 10-set for 4 years; we selected them based on recommendations from other schools. Canon makes a great camera. However, if I were selecting for a university-level art program I would get SLR's. You're going to want to teach a more sophisticated level of photography skills than you can teach with a pt&shoot.


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