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Re: [art_education] Last Call - Summer Tip In Altered Book Pages Exchange

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  • Robin Hartmann
    I would like to be included - just sent you an e mail Judy! Excited! Robin Hartmann The New School Montessori Cincinnati, Ohio ... From: Judy Decker
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2012
      I would like to be included - just sent you an e mail Judy! Excited!

      Robin Hartmann
      The New School Montessori
      Cincinnati, Ohio

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      From: Judy Decker <jdecker4art@...>
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      Sent: Mon, May 28, 2012 12:29 pm
      Subject: [art_education] Last Call - Summer Tip In Altered Book Pages Exchange

      Greetings All,

      So far we have 21 list members (from four art education list groups)
      who are interested in joining this summer.

      Reply OFF LIST (jdecker4art[at]gmail.com) with the following information:

      First and last name:
      Preferred email address:
      Home mailing address:

      The theme is "Some Folks...." which can be loosely interpreted. I just
      want to use images of folk art from my collection. Recent exchanges
      have included images of African art I own, African Fair Trade
      purchases and Novica purchases - along with images of textiles from
      the regions. This exchange will have Peruvian folk art inspiration,
      images of Oaxacan carvings and more. I won't know what all will be
      included until I do the first page. This might even be an exchange
      where all of mine that are shared are not the same?

      Mail to me date August 1 (GOAL - actual end to be announced).

      Include a Priority Mail STAMP (or check to cover Priority Mail) - not
      the envelope. I get those free and it is best not to fold one inside
      with your pages. Also include your home address written clearly for me
      to put on the envelopes (about "3" x 5" or so - can just be on regular
      printer paper. I use wide clear tape). This really helps when I sort
      (as sometimes I can't read the return addresses and then have to come
      down to the computer to look up addresses). I will send reminders out
      on this closer to the mail to me date.

      Minimum requirements:
      Make six pages - send me five for sorting
      Single page - do art on front and back - size 5/12" x 8 1/2"
      Yes, you may do inside facing spread (two facing pages 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
      -- or one 11" x 8 1/2" folded) if that works for your idea. We found
      it was best not limit folks to the single page. I can never do just
      one page (grin).
      All must be "by your hand" - digital prints are fine (some elements
      may be photocopied - as long as their is assemblage/embellishments by
      your hand applied), but you can not make one page then color photocopy
      it for the group.
      Any media can be used.
      Make certain your name is on your work! (I know... funny how I need to
      remind teachers -- grin). You should also have contact information.
      Lately, I have just been using up some of those free address labels
      that are sent to me - but I also sign and date the pages.

      Nice but not an official requirement:
      Explanation page for each person who gets your page - meaning and
      techniques used.

      As those who have been in my exchanges before, my pages include
      digital images, traditional collage, machine stitching and marker
      accents. This current exchange will also include puffy paints - small
      acrylic squeeze bottles (I haven't used those for a while, but did
      accent one of my own pages a couple years ago).

      Since summer 2010, I have been using images of my own art collection
      for my pages, although summer 2010 and summer 2011, I also used images
      of some objects I didn't purchase. I also provide links where you buy
      your own treasures.

      While this will be the last exchange I offer for a while, we do have
      someone who is interested in taking over- Ronda Sternhagen. I will
      help her get the word out each time as it is really fun to have
      members from all of the art ed groups.

      Many have asked to see images. I will contact Ken Rohrer to see if he
      will put a section on Incredible Art Department. Members would send
      him the images directly (his email address is on the site). I no
      longer have web access. In the mean time, I will create folders on Art
      Education and ArtsEducators Yahoo Groups for sharing images. My own
      images would only be available for a short time and will be removed so
      more images can be shared. Yahoo limits file storage space.

      Happy creating!

      Judy Decker
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