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Selling Art Education books

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  • nelartes
    Hello! I am a former museum educator and art teacher and I am selling some of my muliticultural (Puerto Rican, African, African American) art education/ art
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2012
      Hello! I am a former museum educator and art teacher and I am selling some of my muliticultural (Puerto Rican, African, African American)
      art education/ art teacher resources on ebay. Here's the link to the
      auction if anyone is interested,


      If you have questions, e-mail me at nelljon89@... as this is the e-mail I
      check most often.

      This is what I am selling on ebay:

      1)A Masterwork of African Art: The Dogon Couple, Activities for Learning

      By Edith W. Watt, Alice W. Schwarz, and Rosa Tejada

      This Closer Look focuses on a single work from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a sculpture of a seated couple created by the Dogon people of Mali in West Africa. The goal is to inspire young people and adults to look more closely at works of art—to discover that details can be fascinating and often essential to understanding the meaning of a work of art. This packet—which includes background information as well as activities—may be used as an introduction to looking at and interpreting the Dogon couple, or as a springboard for exploring how it reflects the culture in which it was made.

      This publication, distributed in memory of Esther Hoffman Beller and William C. Beller, was made possible in part through their generous support to the Museum in honor of David Wolfson.

      12 pages, 17 full-color illustrations. Includes 2 full-color posters and set of 10 puzzle cards. 9'' x 12'' boxed set.

      2) The Vejigante and the Folk Festivals of Puerto Rico Coloring Book

      The Vejigante (bay-he-GAHN-tay) is a fantastic, colorful character introduced into carnival celebrations in Puerto Rico hundreds of years ago. He is a classic example of the blending of African, Spanish, and Caribbean influences in Puerto Rican culture. The book offers detailed information about the origins of this fantastic character and its curious name. During the carnival celebrations in Loza Aldea and Ponce, the Vejigantes roam the streets in groups and chase children with their "vejigas." "The Vejigante and the Folk Festivals of Puerto Rico" tells the legend of the Vejigante and how he still appears today in carnival celebrations in three cities in Puerto Rico. The book gives insight into the differences in style and symbolism in these three festivals and is illustrated with beautiful drawings to color and contains historical notes that both parents and teachers will find interesting. This beautiful activity book serves as a great complement to the mask-making activity video "The Legend of the Vejigante."

      3) Recreando el arte de Myrna Baez

      This is a coloring book/activity book that revolves around the art work of Puerto Rican painter/printmaker Myrna Baez.

      Myrna Báez, one of the most important Puerto Rican painters/printmakers of the last forty years, was born in August 18, 1931, in Santurce Puerto Rico. Marta Traba, an Argentinean art critic, in her book Polemic Proposal of the Art in Puerto Rico, describes Báez as "the most qualified person that I know in the visual arts in Puerto Rico.". Her work is of utmost importance to track contemporary art evolution in the island.

      4) Four issues of Studio: The Studio Museum in Harlem Magazine, 2005-2006.

      Contains many images of art and photography created by African American artists.

      These are in good condition.
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