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Re: [art_education] Hello there

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  • Kathleen Maledon
    welcome, Emily, k
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2012
      welcome, Emily, k
      On Apr 1, 2012, at 6:17 AM, Em wrote:

      I'm new on here, so I thought I would introduce myself. I teach art for grades 1-8 in Illinois and worked as a graphic designer and photographer before this for 6 years. I work on things for my Etsy shop when I'm not busy with school.

      I started teaching about three years ago, basically when I was sick of working second shift at an auction doing catalog production. I just decided one day to re- enroll at my university and take education credits to add to my art degree. So Boom- here I am. I really like the challenge of what I'm doing now. I find that working with children is not necessarily different than working with adults, so little has changed there. I enjoy the fact that I decide what my work week looks like. It feels similar to when I'm working at home on my Etsy shop in that you can choose to be as successful and productive as you want to be and you have your work cut out for you either way, it's how you organize it. Since I teach at the Middle School in the morning and the Elem in the afternoon, I do have to stay organized ( something not always second nature to me, but I feel like a pro now). 

      My school does the 1 to 1 Mac laptop program, so all of my middle school kids have laptops they use all quarter- they take them home and bring them back every day. They all have Photoshop, so I'm able to do graphic design projects with them, which is probably my dream come true. I tend to focus on the foundations of drawing, but I love to do printmaking and clay as much as the kids do.

      Well, I can't wait to contribute to he group. I was on Getty for a while, but it wasn't organized well or something. There wasn't much going on in that group so I hope for some great exchanges on here.


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