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  • BrendaR
    Thanks everyone! I believe we are going. One of the factors was I wanted my son to go too and we could only get three tickets. I told scholastic that I
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 23, 2012
      Thanks everyone! I believe we are going. One of the factors was I wanted my son to go too and we could only get three tickets. I told scholastic that I actually taught the piece not her art teacher and so they are sending me a ticket to honor me as well so my so will be able to go.
      Thanks again for all the support and instruction to help us decide. :)

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      > Hi Brenda, I agree with so many of the other posts that have talked up the pros to take the trip. Wanted to chime in on two things.
      > First, and this may sound obvious, but when you take a picture of your daughter's piece - be sure to take it from different angles and in different lighting. Just in case you do not get it back (but it is very probably that she will get it back!) But as we know, in most cases, a photo never truly represents the beauty/feel of an art piece - and so different angles and lighting can highlight different aspects - so take a picture of it outside, take some close-ups - some from the side - with no flash, with full flash, etc. We did this recently with an acrylic submitted to a show - and only one picture really captured the glisten of the water and we were glad we took a few extra pictures.
      > Second, as you fork over the money for this trip - kind of consider it an investment in your family as well. Because as a junior, your daughter's leaving the nest soon, and this could be an amazing family memory that becomes one of those Aha! moments in both of your lives. Also, I think every artist needs a trip to NYC - make that I think every person needs to experience NYC - and the timing may not be your preference - but the honor of winning is not a small thing. So celebrate your daughter - her art side - and let this recognition be a time of edification and a time to soak up precious time together. And while in NYC, have your daughter bring her sketchbook and invite her to sketch a few scenes or things that call to her. Also, bring a few dollars for a street artist sketch - they are not all the same - (boy do they vary- lol!! but they are also part of the experience) So watch a couple artists before you select one, but I suggest having a street artist sketch you and your daughter because it may be a cherished picture someday - even if it sits in the scrapbook for a few decades.
      > It sounds like you have found the pros to go - but remind your daughter that many amazing talented artists will never receive any awards in their lifetime -and this should be soaked up!
      > ~Mrs. Prior in VA
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      > > Well I wrote them today to see if their having the painting is mandatory, I am asuming it is. I talked with my daughter today and of course she wants to go. I just know it puts a lot of well meaning middle class families in a bind to come up with the $.
      > > I am so excited she won and am slowly getting excited about NY.
      > > I am getting advice both ways, I guess I'll regret not going more than I will going.:)
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