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Teach art with art that is appealing to kids - Weya painting

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, When I first got back into teaching many years ago, a student asked me Why don t you ever show us art we can do? - as I always
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2012
      Greetings Art Educators,

      When I first got back into teaching many years ago, a student asked me
      "Why don't you ever show us art we can do?" - as I always showed
      master examples with my lessons. Of course, I never wanted my students
      to copy the work of the masters - it was the concept/art appreciation
      aspect I was after. Yet, that comment stuck with me. When I was hired
      at my former school, much of my curriculum (for 6th and 7th grade
      anyways -- and the one year I taught elementary) was focused on Folk
      Art - art of the common people - art KIDS loved and could "do" with
      confidence. Besides, it was art I could afford to BUY to enhance my
      art lessons. My house is full of beautiful things now.

      Anyways.... This Weya Painting always brings a smile to my face. Like
      minds I guess. It looks just like one of my art lessons!

      My lessons often included special frames that were part of the art
      work (many times optional - sometimes required).

      For a lesson like this, I used old beat up Masonite. We glued on
      strips of Styrofoam for the frame (free of course from various packing
      materials... I think it was from the new cafeteria tables). We covered
      the Styrofoam with plaster gauze strips (or paper mache -- depending
      on media we were using). The frame was then painted to be part of the
      art work (or collaged with the rest of the artwork for that particular

      This Weya painting is available on Africa Direct -- BUT is also listed
      on eBay right now as "Make an Offer". Don't let this one get away from
      you.....Elizabeth Bennett loves to get African art in the
      classrooms..... Check out their eBay listing (link is too long to
      post). Enter Weya in the search. You will also see many wonderful Weya
      Story Quilts. I bought 2 of the six panel ones. I LOVE them! I love
      this painting, too -- but have no room to display it (smile).
      Actually, it needs to be were kids can see it anyways.


      I have been buying from Africa Direct since 2005. Amazing company! One
      of these days, I will get server space again so I can show off my
      collection - and my own hand made jewelry using African trade beads
      and Tibetan beads. I will be in an invitational art show again this
      summer to show off five pieces. Last year I also had five pieces in
      the show. I lost count how many necklaces I have made for myself and
      for gifts for friends. I tried making some to sell, but at present
      there is no market for them.... I guess you folks need to create a
      market for me!? The first piece I sold was to an art education major
      at a nearby university. I know she will be creating a market for me.

      I know you all don't have time to check eBay everyday like do.....but
      during the summer months, stop in from time to time on Africa Direct's
      eBay site. Eliza often puts items up at ridiculously low prices. I bid
      and often win! Yeah! I never got ideas for my African art lessons by
      looking at lesson plans others have written..... I got my ideas by
      looking at African ART.

      Note: The Summer Tip In Exchange theme will be "It Takes a Village" -
      you can loosely interpret that (more to come on that). My own pages
      will include images from my story quilts - embellished, of course.
      Summer 2012 will be the last Tip In I offer. I won't stop doing
      pages.... I will be just doing them for myself (and my book for my
      son). Beginning summer 2010, my pages have included African art
      objects/textile images I have purchased (or wished I could purchase in
      some cases).


      Judy Decker
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