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invitatation for Art Brotherhood Project

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  • umuthallac hallac
    Dear My Colleague Art Brotherhood We want to build a friendship bridge among our students by the way of art in this project. The students from different age
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 12, 2012

      Dear My Colleague

      Art Brotherhood

      We want to build a friendship bridge among our students by the way of art in this project. The students from different age groups will take part in our project. each of our student will have a friend. We are going to call this friendship as art brotherhood . During the project period of art going to send postcards which they search their country's traditions and culture and prepare these works as slides for sending them to their brotherhoods. At the end of the project an exhibition is going to be held with the drawings of students. Later on the drawings are going to be sent to our partner country and an exhibition is also going to be held there. The students are going to record their work by video. we will have a change know Italian culture and art closely at the end of the project. and also our culture and art will be know.




      1-to know the Italian culture and art closely. and to make the Turkish culture and art known.

      2-To increase the motivation of students' learning.

      3-To provide the dialogue between cultures

      4-To improve the art  skills of students

      5-To benefit from the technology of knowledge and communication

      6- To form of being awareness in art education.

      7-To build friendship bridges between our students.

      8-To help improving of students' friendships by art education.

      **This project is not  Comenius

      Best Regards from Turkey

      Umut Hallaç

      Visual Art Tacher

      We are looking partners from ITALY  & SPAIN

      We have got partner from USA

      Country: Turkey 
      City: Denizli 

      The age level of the students:  6-14

       Two groups of students are going to be formed according to their ages.

       (1st group 6-10)   (2nd group 11-14)

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