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Spring 2012 Free Lesson Plans and Craft Gift Ideas

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    I recently revised and uploaded the new 2012 AMC Montessori Hands on Springtime Newsletter. To see the contents of this newsletter please see below. Visit
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      I recently revised and uploaded the new 2012 AMC Montessori Hands on Springtime Newsletter. To see the contents of this newsletter please see below.

      Visit http://www.amonco.org/montessori_spring_handson.html

      Please also see http://montessori21stcentury.wordpress.com/

      Peruse through the entire lessons.

      This issue is filled with art lessons, craft presentations and hand made craft gift ideas.

      Then, download the new AMC Montessori Hands-On Creative Lesson Planning Newsletter. You can also access this newsletter by visiting http://www.amonco.org and clicking on the new eBook Library.

      Below, is just a partial listing of the offerings included in the newly uploaded AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter.

      Part I – AMC Spring Newsletter

      Georgette shows us how to use newspaper to make a festive hat for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and shares many multicultural techniques for combining Spanish and English in the classroom.

      Sandy R. Wilbur answers general as well specific questions which will help you to understand the benefits of bird-watching with children. You'll learn how to get started, what types of products to buy, and what pitfalls to avoid, to name a few. Sandy is also sensitive to the concerns educators may feel about presenting lessons on this topic

      Montessori Dianne Knesek reminds us that numeration is the basis for all math concepts. An important aspect of that understanding is the ability to sequence numbers from least to greatest. Exercises are very easy to make.

      Part II – AMC Spring Newsletter

      Jan shares information about the imaginative Hippitty Hoppitty Bunny Topiary:

      Rae continues to show us why we should visit the Creative Process website. Her innovative ideas will greatly add to your spring lesson planning.

      Put some music in your young child's life with Shari and Jerry – Speak and Sing. Children will love making and using the tambourine/maracas , drums, tome tests and shaker/maracas as well as participating in the Here is My Bunny – Finger Play activity.

      Dr. Borenson shares some free Hands-On Equations® Basic Algebraic Concepts.

      Montessorian Richard Lord offers free Downloadable "Simple Reading Books" & Free Geography Set of Land and Water Form Cards.

      Learn also how to make a flannel board.

      Part III – AMC Spring Newsletter

      John shares his entertaining as well as educational activities entitled "I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE and The Needle Proof Balloon."

      Nan shows us how to make some delicious peanut fudge. See how you can plan extension lesson exercises combining handwriting, cooking and illustrating!!!

      Does your middle school student enjoy participating in fun, challenging puzzles? Are you looking for some activities to help your student prepare for the ACT or SAT?

      In honor of two major spring holidays, Alan Stillson, the author of Middle
      School Word Puzzles, invites you to find these words and expressions that are related to Easter or Passover. Alan also offers some fun, challenging food puzzles for middle school students.

      It's Time to Think Outside the Book and Kindle, Too! Curious? Read this section to find out how you can use the creative ideas of Rita Arpaia from Literatureplace.com in your home and school classrooms right now!

      Part IV — AMC Spring Newsletter

      Dale Gausman, from North American Montessori Center, offers the timely Introducing a Bird Feeder and Making Grass-Eggshell People. You will also found two additional outstanding Montessori extension exercises – My Family Tree and Marble Design Paper offered by NAMC.

      Have you thought about beginning a spring garden at home or school? Catherine Hartridge, of Garden Artisans, provides you with the detailed information and resources you will need to get started.

      Part V – AMC Spring Newsletter

      Have you ever tasted sour cream fudge? Would you like to have the recipe? You are in luck. Angela, from Wildridge Education, shares the recipe and provides some very interesting anecdotal information, as well.

      Marie and Kim illustrate how drawing helps children develop a mental map. We discover a Montessori extension exercise that is designed for age group 5 to 95.

      Part VI – AMC Spring Newsletter

      Dr.Borenson, from Hands-On Equations®, offers more samples of algebraic concepts.

      Download free French and Spanish songs with translations from Professor Toto.

      Part VII- AMC Spring Newsletter

      Ruth shares a needlepoint lesson which is designed for students 12 years and older.

      Marjorie shares a classical music lesson plan for springtime from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

      Larry and Karen from Farm Country General Store provide some mouth watering recipes to make your spring celebrations complete! See Corn Casserole and Hot Fudge Toppings.

      Don't forget to read Part VIII – AMC Spring Newsletter

      Celebrating the Personal Life of George Washington

      Montessorians will appreciate the imaginative George Washington lesson planning ideas that author Sara Ambarian has provided. Traditional colonial recipes are featured and can easily be incorporated into Montessori's practical life exercises. Sara has done an excellent job of presenting sufficient information about this subject, without bogging down educators with too much data.

      Diana, from Nature's Workshop Plus, knows that we are all looking forward to the beauty of spring, so she showers us with some springtime nature activities that are sure to be enjoyed in any Montessori

      The late Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly uses eggs as the focus of food related exercises. Her multi-subject integrated approach is supplemented with a Booklist for additional extension lessons.

      This post contains only a very small sampling of what is offered in this newsletter.All of the lessons contained in the newsletter are free of charge. Visit http://www.amonco.org/montessori_spring_handson.html to download the newsletter in .pdf.

      Don't forget to enter the monthly AMC drawing. See
      http://www.amonco.org/directory.html for details.


      Heidi Anne Spietz
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