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Re: [art_education] Consider all options & practicalities before a drastic reloc

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  • Ada S
    I was actually only considering teaching in the NYC area, since I personally love the city and wouldn t want to move. After further research into art education
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2002
      I was actually only considering teaching in the NYC area, since I personally
      love the city and wouldn't want to move. After further research into art
      education career I found out that the best way for me to go might be to
      start in private schools, since they seem to have great art and photography
      programs. They also do not require a certificate, but the salaries are much
      much lower. The city also offers a lot of non-traditional oportunities in
      Art Education as well as Art Therapy (something I have been interested in as
      well and taken some classes in)

      I went to college in Savannah, GA and four years in south made me realize
      that I would never, ever leave the East coast again. The attitudes agains
      arts are much different down there and I believe that they might differ from
      region to region. I think what I was looking for was to network with other
      art educators. Possibly share their experiences about teaching art while
      pursuing their own creativity. What made me interested by this profession is
      the great opportunity for making a change, for doing something that trully
      matters. But I also believe that if one of our dreams doesn't come true we
      create another and pursue that one. As a creative person, I pursue life with
      all its opportunities. After all...it is really hard to put your heart into
      something that does not bring you satisfaction. And yes...I believe in
      fighting, because sometimes we can make the difference, but other times we
      might not be able to break through the wall. That is where we shift and
      begin to pursue something else.

      Thank you so much for everyones responses, it is definitelly giving me a
      different view.


      >I apologise for slamming against this south western region.
      >I know that people in the surrounding states are very proud of the places
      >where they live & take it to heart if they feel someone is attacking their
      >homeland. It is very beautiful & the weather & nature here is quite lovely
      >& majestic. The terrain provides wonderful opportunities for vacations,
      >camping, hiking & other nature oriented activities. I respect that pride
      >even if I don't understand it, so if anyone on this list is from
      >surrounding areas, my apologies for being harsh, but I'm not going to
      >retract my opinion.
      >This was initially in response to someone who currently lives in NYC, who
      >wants to make the transition from publishing to
      >teaching. I was giving the upsides & downsides of the field &
      >recommendations for making a smooth transition. It wouldn't
      >make any sense to recommend to that person to uproot her/himself & moved to
      >Nevada, Colorado or Utah unless that person had a religious revelation or
      >decided to devote his/her life to the mountains & forget about pursuing a
      >career in art education.
      >FYI, I was extremely hopeful when I moved out here & thought I could make
      >it work out. I thought I could convince people the power of the arts &
      >encourage change. I thought I could make a difference. Instead, I
      >struggled for 2 long yrs & dealt with people's resistant attitudes towards
      >the arts, mental health & alternative education. I now realise that
      >one person cannot influence changes in a system that is so entrenched &
      >resistant to modern change. It is much easier when the mindset of your
      >environment is open to what you have to offer, even is the economy is
      >terrible. The economy is terrible around the world right now, be it in NYC,
      >St. Paul, Vancouver, London or Tokyo. But that will change much sooner
      >than resistant attitudes...
      >If I can help others avoid the situation I placed myself in, at least it
      >won't be for nought.

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