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Re: 6th grade color wheel painting project alterative for CTT students having difficulty working together/following instructions

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  • Bindy
    We do have a lot of tissue paper. If the ... I don t have any experience with tissue paper that DOESN T bleed. So tissue paper would be excellent material to
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      We do have a lot of tissue paper. If the
      > tissue paper is the kind that bleeds, it could be a really cool
      > project. Does anyone have any experience with bleeding tissue paper
      > collages?
      I don't have any experience with tissue paper that DOESN'T bleed. So tissue paper would be excellent material to use as rough edge college, teaching the color wheel. We use regular Elmer's glue when working with tissue paper.
      I'm rather fond of non-conventional color wheels. As long as the concept is grasped, I don't see why it HAS to be a circle :) You can get them draw lines all over the paper (wiggly, wavy, and curvy are fine) and starting from three places distinct areas on the poster-board, add the solid colors, then let them overlap the materials as they get closer and closer to the other primary colors. So the centers are often the black and deep browns instead of the outsides. Depending on the level of the class, the students will outline their work in black to separate the colors out, simply point them out orally, or place arrows labeling the colors of the color wheel.

      What kind of motivation/goals could set for the students to
      > assure they grasp the concepts of primary, secondary, complementary,
      > the color wheel and mixing?
      We use a ticket system, where kids earn tickets for doing things correctly, working well, doing an outstanding job, cleaning up (I give the most tickets for cleaning and completely tasks.), excertia. At the end of the semester or quarter, if I'm feeling generous, they get to put the tickets they earn into cups to win specific items- totally small often insignificant stuff. The funniest things will be the most desired. Like I often have a hat I wear, and I'll raffle that hat off. Next semester I have to get a new baseball cap, but when I see the kids wearing them, it's like we have this connection and that's cool.

      > Thanks for your help and ideas!
      > Angela
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