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Re: [art_education] Special needs project marble painting

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  • David Exner
    If your students are able to hold and move a shallow cardboard box lid, they may be interested in marble painting .  You simply have them dip their
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      If your students are able to hold and move a shallow cardboard box lid, they may be interested in "marble painting".  You simply have them dip their marbles in various colors of tempera paint, then roll them around on a sheet of paper laying inside the box lid. The final paintings can be displayes as is or you could have them cut letters for their names out of the sheet(s).  There are many possibilities.  Good luck.

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      Hello Hiromi,

      I have an idea that may be fun for all ages.  I used watered-down tempra paint in a spray bottle on various colored paper or white paper.  Layering colors is also fun.  It's not that messy when you work inside a shirt box.  Just practice to make sure the spray nozzle stays clear. Adjusting the spray pressure varies the effect but can be drippy. Stencils can be used with older students.  Using the student's initial as a stencil is a neat idea.  Shapes are great for younger kids.  Have fun!                                                                                                           Dawn B. Kansas City, MO

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      Hello Everyone,

      I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that theyd like to share for my special.needs students. I work.with all age groups.from 5 to 22 years old so finding an universal.project becomes a tad difficult. I've already done mosaics, some splatter art, crayon resistance, some basic air dry sculpture. Maybe a theme, and then I can run with that...anything would be so helpful.



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