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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, I am retired - but still keep in touch with the art lists. There is so much meaningful stuff posted to TAB Yahoo list (Teaching for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2011
      Greetings Art Educators,

      I am retired - but still keep in touch with the art lists. There is so
      much meaningful stuff posted to TAB Yahoo list (Teaching for Artistic
      Behavior). Posts are copyrighted (at least in my mind, they are) so I
      always ask permission to share them here. That can be a time consuming
      task for me - and for the TAB members.

      "Differentiated Instruction" is one of the buzzwords in education. TAB
      is "differentiated instruction" all the time.

      Sign up over the break and just browse the wealth of information on in
      this group's archives - now the most active group to which I
      subscribe. Must be a reason why this group is growing? (smile).

      The search has gotten better for Yahoo groups.

      If you can't find this amazing post by Kathy Douglas (Queen of TAB) -
      "Defending your program: some strategies" - then let me know and I
      will give you the number to look up - posted Monday Dec. 5.

      You will also find some amazing information posted by Dr. Marvin
      Bartel. His posts will help you in making the transition from teacher
      directed lessons to more choice based - providing educational
      opportunities that really DO address your curriculum goals.

      I did not know about TAB when I was teaching - but always provided
      choices within the lessons. I encouraged students to take them in
      their own direction. It was just so much easier to write traditional
      lesson plans. I took in artworks that I made in graduate classes that
      didn't follow the teachers' set plans for us. In one class, other
      members knew I was an art teacher (it was an art class for my Master's
      Degree in Education. I am one of "those people" who don't have a
      Masters of Fine Art. Getty folks, remember those days of old -- Who is
      better than whom?). They asked me if I was given different assignments
      as I was doing my "own thing". I told them, "No, I just presented a
      plan with what I wanted to do to Dr. Bumbaugh". One class member
      offered me $300 for a piece I did for that class. Of course, I turned
      him down as it was made as a gift for my son. It hung in my office
      until Matt got his own home and now hangs in his living room.

      Wishing you all the best over this Holiday Season.

      Judy Decker

      As always - Getty folks, remember to clip email addresses from your
      replies before you click "Send" - and Digest users, if you post a
      reply, remember to remove the digest from your post. If you are
      replying using your phone, see if there is a way to remove email
      addresses and the digest. I find that as a lame excuse for not taking
      an extra second. Your extra second of effort helps to reduce that Spam
      we receive. Fewer email addresses get harvested from the Getty list
      archives. I am doing my part by posting less.
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