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Middle School kids misbehaving....Write about it!

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Middle school years are good years to correct errors in their thinking towards art (grades 5 thru 8). Those are the years when they start
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      Middle school years are good years to "correct" errors in their thinking
      towards art (grades 5 thru 8). Those are the years when they start to think
      they "suck" at art - am I right? And they screw around to get attention.
      Well.... I have deliberately written about two "naughty" subjects on the
      lists...politics and religion (since in many ways I am still in middle
      school)....I do apologize to all (big smile). So I have written about my
      reasons.... and I have been warned (smiles).

      My art is all about religion too - AND my new art will be about religion I
      just can't help it. My Celestial Family mixed media has many religions
      represented (and I told the kids about it too - because meaning of art is
      important. I had to get it across to them why I wouldn't sell that work even
      if someone offered me a million dollars for it -VALUING ART)....My Personal
      Shrine does, too (and I told my high school kids about it)....and so do many
      others (even Galileo! I know what all of the collage says.)....
      The art on my walls (sculptures too) is about religion, too.


      Anyways to the point now....the idea of assigning an alternate writing
      project for the naught boys and girls came up on Getty list.... This is what
      I did. What works for YOU?

      I have been thinking about this thread....I haven't had
      time to read all yet. Writing about the
      misbehavior is/was my way of dealing with things. The
      only time I took materials away from kids is when we
      did clay...I took clay away when they threw it....and
      each time I had a "martyr" - one boy who took the
      punishment for all the boys (girls too at times).
      Usually only ONE would admit at the time. The others
      would admit to it the NEXT trimester....and I would
      always say "Did you thank so and so? (name of kid) Do
      it -- because I will ask him if you did" I needed to
      do a punishment that made the kids feel just a tad bit
      "guilty"....I found out such wonderful things about
      kids and why they misbehaved and who and what
      triggered it when I had them write in "their own
      words". If they didn't want to write in "their own
      words" - I had the writing assignment they had to copy
      (and I highlighted the parts that were most important
      for them). The "clay martyrs" never gave up anyone
      else. I was lucky and only had three or four in 12
      years....BUT each time it gave me a chance to tell
      what a martyr is/was. Clay was the "good earth" and I
      demanded respect for the earth.
      That was the one medium I went out of my way for each
      child to complete. I have good stories.... I have
      posted some of them before. Oh and I have a real
      horror story about what happened when the office
      wouldn't let me punish one kid (his mom wouldn't
      punish him either)....I don't think I will write about
      that one. He is in jail now anyways...so I guess he is
      getting "punished" now...He did NOT live his name at

      Folks I have been "naughty" again in my posts.... I
      write about my misbehaviors all the time. My art is
      all about religion....I should take more
      pictures...and just give you the option of being
      offended by reading my stories about them.

      Marvelous Monday. "Feed your Fish" (Fish - means
      wisdom and knowledge).

      Judy Decker

      P.S. "in their own words" Chuckling now because of a
      George Carlin routine. No one has ownership to
      words....they are everyone's words who speak the
      language. He did a short spiel using "his own words"
      and just his expressions to go with them was such a
      hoot! I had fun looking up George Carlin's naughty
      words in my Encarta Dictionary

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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