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Taking offense

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  • Inkleined2Blue
    ... My thinking has always been to teach questioning as well. Whether teaching kindergarteners or graduate students, good educational practice demands
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
      >>We can bring the controversy in a manner that allows all students to express. Maybe through the allowing of the expression, the student may find the avenues to question the systems. I guess I always thought education was about questioning not going along with [everything or "the flow" -- this part was missing]<<
      My thinking has always been to teach questioning as well.  Whether teaching kindergarteners or graduate students, good educational practice demands questioning.  I encourage the pre-service students I teach to question me and my information.  It is so apparent that many have been taught to copy down every word a professor says as something sacred ... sheeps to slaughter! 
      As my students get to know me better, they are becoming better questioners.  They are not afraid to express opinions.  I suspect this is because I do not preach my own political or religious preferences.  How free would they feel to express their own opinions if they knew what they thought was counter to my "educated" opinion or my personal philosophy?
      It's a dangerous society that requires individuals to withhold opinions or ideas for fear of offending.  
      I doubt that PK writes better than you Judy.  What you need to consider is this.  For some reason the public perception of the title "college professor" carries much more weight than "elementary or secondary teacher."  Why, I do not know.  This notion is ridiculous!  This should offend anyone who teaches younger students.  As a person who taught in the public school trenches for more years than I care to admit, I find it so funny (if not offensive) that as a college professor I have somehow managed to become an expert overnight.  How this transformation occured without my knowledge is incredible! 
      From your Bluish Friend, InKleined


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