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Some REAL THINKING! Art Education Topic

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings InKleined2Blue and All, We did it! We got some real thinking - some real discussion.... finally! It only took me one week to get something
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
      Greetings InKleined2Blue and All,

      We did it! "We" got some real thinking - some real discussion.... finally!
      It only took me one week to get something going.....and this time I wasn't
      even trying. Politics AND religion is VERY much a part of ART.
      You can not teach art well without bringing it in. How could you possibly
      teach Renaissance art without mentioning either one? Egyptian art? You name
      it..... remove those two and you take away the meaning in a lot of art.

      What is offensive and to whom. Does the artist have the right to offend?
      AND if you are offended then whose fault it that? YOU chose to be view the
      work and YOU chose to be offended by it. Not too much shocks or surprises me
      much in art. There is a lot of modern art I still don't understand or like -
      but that is choice too.

      Now....What started all of this thinking? My posts on religion that were
      both in fun. Here is the response of my Noble Flying Fish (I will let her
      jump in if she want to take credit for it.

      From the "Noble Flying Fish":

      The whole idea of offending seems to be a constant on any list I subscribe

      I'm not sure how we avoid offense or politics or religion.

      Traditionally it has always been the artist's job to offend...Sometimes
      subtly sometimes overtly.

      Offense seems to me to be the driving force of contemporary art

      If we ignore if we sanitize if we play into all the political
      correctness where do we find the art?

      All the lists I belong to incorporate people who think: People who explore
      many options. Is it not part of our job as educators to explore the options?
      ...to give our students the capabilities to decipher the options and make
      their own choices? And how do we incorporate their beliefs without
      reducing options to all the stuff we are afraid to explore.

      Passion is missing from art ed. I wish I could rewrite the standards to
      include the student will be passionate. Art ed offers all the opportunity to
      include all the ideas of religion, societies, politics and more.
      If we avoid the controversies we avoid the art making

      We are professionals. We can bring the controversy in a manner that allows
      all students to express. Maybe through the allowing of the expression, the
      student may find the avenues to question the systems. I guess I always
      thought education was about questioning not going along
      with [everything or "the flow" -- this part was missing]

      I value any post that causes thinking and value that my education caused me
      to think...and evaluate... and regard and disregard...
      and hold precious what I think.

      Don't take offense at any thinking. Teach being selective.


      PK - I am waiting to promote YOUR book!

      If anyone is still reading - THIS IS part of "my book". PK just writes it
      better - credit will be given....Remember - I am not selling "My
      book"....and many folks have thoughts that are same as mine....Like minds.
      Feel free to jump in InKleined2Blue - share this with your students.


      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

      P.S. Where is this coming from? My two posts offended one member of World
      list - I choose not to offend that member again as that member is a very
      important friend of mine. Friend do not deliberately offend friends.

      P.P.S. My son is a real thinker and I am proud of it!
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