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Art competition

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    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 16, 2011
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      Contact: Luke Haase

      Britten, Inc. seeks creative minds for artUP Competition starting Sept. 1

      TRAVERSE CITY, MICH., August 16, 2011 – Emerging artists now have a chance to get their "artUP," achieve their big break, and earn $15,000 by entering the first artUP national arts competition. Finalists' works will be displayed in downtowns, major shopping centers, and other public spaces in several major U.S. cities. Three Grand Prize winners will split $15,000 in total prize money. The contest is sponsored by Britten, Inc., North America's leading creator of large-format banners and displays.
      In addition, each entry will be placed in an online "Artist
      Marketplace," where more than 6,000 Britten clients will be able to view and purchase the artwork, creating an avenue for artists to earn money and connect with art and business professionals.
      Britten is in a unique position to offer emerging artists public showcases, because the company creates and installs giant banners, billboards, signs, and displays in downtowns, stadiums, shopping centers, and public places in virtually every U.S. state; Britten will leverage these relationships to showcase artUP winners' art.
      The Guest Juror list includes a number of preeminent names in the industry, including an Associate Director of Print Production and
      Marketing Creative Services from ESPN, the Director of Visual Arts from the Interlochen Center for the Arts, a former Vice President of Herman Miller/SEGD Founder/Greystone Global team member, and the Founder of the Traverse City Arts Council/Chairman of Northwest Michigan College's art department. Artists may submit fine art, photographs, digital creations, logos and more. Examples might include a modest design such as a typeface, a color theme or background texture, or a painting or computer-generated design.
      Jurors will judge entries based on artistic merit, overall impression,
      creativity and originality, but most importantly how it could be applied to the large-format marketplace. Information and examples will be provided on the contest webpage, ArtUp.BrittenBanners.com.
      The entry fee is $20 for the first entry and $10 for each additional entry. Students pay only $10.
      The tentative schedule for the competition is as follows: The
      registration period is Aug. 15 through Nov. 1; 1,000 Semi-Finalists will be selected during the month of November and the first half of December, from which 300 Finalists and 30 Exhibitionists will be announced Dec. 15; Three Grand Prize Winners will be announced and showcased in large format at an Awards Ceremony Jan. 15, 2012.
      For more information, visit ArtUp.BrittenBanners.com or contact ArtUp@.... Visit Facebook.com/BrittenArtUp and
      follow @BrittenArtUp on Twitter to receive updates about the contest.

      About Britten, Inc.
      Britten is North America's leading creator of grand-scale banners and
      displays. Customers – including Disney, Meijer, ESPN, Simon Properties, and tens of thousands of small businesses -- trust Britten's people, who are a team of creative experts, empowered to do big things. The Britten family of companies includes Britten Banners, Britten Gear, TentCraftUSA, and priorLIFE. Britten is headquartered in Traverse City, Mich.
    • art_education-owner@yahoogroups.com
      Because there is no entry fee for this one, I am posting it: Request for Submissions: Art teachers, simply submit your student s entries for a chance to win
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 16, 2012
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        Because there is no entry fee for this one, I am posting it:

        Request for Submissions: Art teachers, simply submit your student's entries for a chance to win the new QuickThermTM oven, and Cres Cor will also award the winning art department a $500 grant. "Bee" creative, and support the arts at the same time! The winning district will be recognized at the SNA's Annual National Conference in Denver, where the new Cres Cor mascot will be unveiled!

        Hurry - contest ends May 31, 2012

        Visit http://www.crescor.com/corbeecontest/ for official rules and entry packet.

        Art Teacher Information: Cres Cor's school oven division has traditionally had a "bee" as its mascot. We're looking for a creative, stylistic replacement to make "CorBee" more friendly and current. Students could each create a submission as part of classroom instruction, and the winner or winners from the school could be forwarded to Cres Cor. Or if you prefer, students can work on the mascot individually, submitting designs on their own. There is no right or wrong way, we're looking for uniqueness and creativity. Printable promotional posters and entry forms are available at the website listed above. This promotion is relatively small, so there is a GOOD CHANCE YOU COULD WIN YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM A $15,000 OVEN, as well as a grant for your art department. Good luck!
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