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    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I put Penguin Sunsets by my second graders online this past week. I saw this lesson on Artsonia, and I am sorry to say, I
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      I just wanted to tell you that I put "Penguin Sunsets" by my second graders online this past week. I saw this lesson on Artsonia, and I am sorry to say, I can't remember whose lesson it was. If anyone remembers, please let me know.
      We used the book, "A Penguin's Tale," as inspiration. The illustrations are gorgeous. On day 1, students used Sax Ultra Plus Tempera (Check out the colors!!!!) to paint warm sunset skies and cool waters, mixing colors wet in wet. We watered the paints down as we applied them to the paper and spread them. Kids had a wonderful time, full of ooohs and ahhs as the colors blended so beautifully. On day two we added white painted iceburgs and snowbanks over the water and horizon, overlapping the sky in some places. While the paint was still wet, students tipped in a TINY amount of sky colors to the white in places to add reflective color to the white snow at sunset. They also added sunset colors (complementary to the water) to the DRY paint oceans, reflective of the skies. Students saw in a demonstration in the beginning what happens when you add wet orange colors to blue water if you do it wet in wet, so they were content to wait until the water was dry on day two to add reflections on water. Whitecaps and foam were added with dry brush if they wished. The remainder of the project was collage and/or painted penguins in all sorts of body shapes. Some were sliding on snowbanks, some laying down, some silhuoetted tiny in the distance, etc. Students used multiple cutting techniques to make groups of penguins. Size variation to show perspective was encouraged. Kids had a blast with this assignment. They were encouraged to add polar bears, walrus, birds, etc. if they wished. Check out Stacie's in 2-1! Connor's in 2-2, and so many more. You can see them on our website, www.sjs.org, click on "Stories of SJS", click on "Arts Stories," click on "Linda Woods", click on "Lower School Gallery." Click on 2nd grade in the media gallery and look for "Sunset Penguins." Thanks to whoever had this project on Artsonia. It was great fun, very age appropriate, a great way to work with warm and cools, drybrush complementaries, reflection, multiple cutting, and perspective (large to small). If you think you want to try it with your kids, order "A Penguin's Tale" from Amazon or somewhere else. The illustrations are beautiful and inspired a lot of discussion about cool and warm, pattern, perspective, silhouettes, basic shapes (various body positions of penguins), reflections, and shadows in snow.
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