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About Kris' note on SI

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  • John Buchanan
    Hi Everyone, I should have mentioned this yesterday when I responded to Kris note about her daughter and Sheridan Institute. If one signs up for my eZine,
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 29, 2004
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      Hi Everyone,


      I should have mentioned this yesterday when I responded to Kris’ note about her daughter and Sheridan Institute.  If one signs up for my eZine, I’ll send out one of my reports entitled “Using Parents To Succeed In Art School.”  Here’s the link to read it right now: http://artschoolsuccess.com/reports/usingparents873.htm  If you have children in art school, you should read this.


      Note the username: success

      And the password: success


      Sheridan looks like a great place.  Kris, tell your daughter she’s going to be a success!  I’d love to see her artwork.  Does she have a website yet???  If not, let me know because I can point her in the right direction in getting started in no time.  It’s not as hard as you might think.


      Warm Regards,


      John D Buchanan






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      I just returned from a visit to Sheridan Institute in Oakville, Ontario (30 minutes from Toronto).  My daughter is planning on majoring in illustration there.  They have a Fundamentals of Art program that is one year and prepares the student for entering their Bachelor in Illustration program.  The cost in U.S. $ is around $8000 and $3,500 for a dorm room.  I have never seen a program as intense as this...maybe Tyler School of Art near Philadelphia, years ago.  The school ranks third in animation with CalArts and Ringling. 

      We were blown away by the facilities and the student art adorning every inch of wall space.

      Kris Fontes

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      Subject: [art_education] Hello Judy and all


      Judy, and everyone on this list,

      hello, My name is Mike. I am now on this list after being informed by Judy that there is another list. I'm not sure how many of you out there are on the Getty list, but anyway, I'm a a junior high art teacher on Long Island in my second year. HOpe to be able to contribute to this list.

          To judy. Got your email and I'm at a loss to completely understand what's going on with you. I hope all is okay and I hope you will rejoin Getty in the future. Is there an email that I can contact you at?


      mike sacco

      p.j. gelinas jhs

      setauket, ny

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