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*Hands-On* Creative Lesson Planning Recipes, Crafts

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  • s_kahn79
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2002
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      <<This was forwarded to me. I know many enjoyed the first fall
      newseltter they published that came out in September. I liked
      this one too.

      Many of those who read the AMC Fall Creative Lesson Planning
      wrote to express their thanks. Because of the tremendous
      interest, our
      resource participants have decided to share some additional
      plannining ideas you can use right now in your home and school

      In this new issue you will discover new ways to incorporate
      music, geography
      science, social studies, literature, cooking, arts & crafts and
      into your existing curriculum. You will also receive special
      holiday recipes, games and other crafts designed to be used
      October, November and December.

      Below is a sampling of what you will find in this FREE six part

      Table of Contents

      Part I

      Egg Carton Violins
      Kaidy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
      Chinese Almond Cookies
      Scribble Designs ~ Reawaken Those Imagination Sparking
      Christmas Crunch Cookies
      Chocolate Chip Bars

      Part II

      Pistachio Poppy Seed Cake ~ A Miami Favorite
      Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Cutouts ~ Recipe from
      Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly
      Napkin Rings
      Colonial Adventures ~ A Complete Unit Study from DEMCO
      (Includes 'How to Make a Corn Husk Doll' Craft)
      Fun With Bread Dough
      Fall Leaves Pictures
      Bobbing With Apples ~ Minus the Mess
      Pumpkin Magnetic Dolls
      Halloween Haunted House

      Part III

      Statues ~ A Music Activity
      Tuna Cones
      Wax Resist Holiday Pictures
      Victorian Ornaments
      Fruit Peel Flowers
      Science Project ~ Crystallization
      Pumpkin Pie Scented Playdough Recipe
      Recipe for World Tolerance
      Holiday Cheesecake

      Part IV

      "My Mother's Picadillo" Cuban Style
      Scented Baskets
      Tin Can Luminaries
      Nutty Chocolate Pudding Squares
      Fun Activities for Learning the Letters of the Alphabet
      Making a Fly Fish
      Who Gets the Woolly Socks?
      Fall Squirrel

      Part V

      Turn Your Classroom Into An Art Gallery
      Soap Sud Paint
      Hearty Fall Kale Soup
      Puschki's Authentic Bavarian Apple Rings
      Candle Rolling Activity
      Polymer Clay Baby Food Jars
      Delta's Hands-On Activity of the Month

      Part VI

      Bean Curd and Egg Soup ~ A Chinese Recipe
      Kids' Grass Snake Project
      Growing a Cultural and Ancestral Garden
      Onion Pie
      Spinach Dip Recipe
      Three Little Kittens ~ Literature Link
      Peanut Butter Geography
      Chocolate Chip Geography
      3-D Maps

      To access both the AMC Fall/Winter and Fall Lesson Planning
      click on the Fall/Winter Lesson Planing Icons.


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      Serving School and Home Educators Since 1988

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      http://members.aol.com/amonco/amonco.html to


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