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Re: [art_education] Re: Cigar Box Project Suggestions????

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  • Kathleen Maledon
    using metal tape works really well.... get it at Handy Man. i hear there is a gold tape, too, used by gardeners, but I haven t been able to find it, not know
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 14, 2011
      using metal tape works really well.... get it at Handy Man.  i hear there is a gold tape, too, used by gardeners,
      but I haven't been able to find it, not know of anyone else who has heard about it.  k
      On Jan 6, 2011, at 5:23 AM, Wanda wrote:

      My students used smaller cigarillo boxes and made faux metalic treasure
      boxes. They cut cardboard shapes such as hearts, stars, musical notes,
      etc. some even had a theme, they glued the shapes onto the top and four
      sides of the box. The next step was to glue lightly crumpled aluminum
      foil around the sides of the box and on the top pressing around the
      shapes. I gave then q-tips to press the aluminum foil around the shape
      edges as sometimes their fingers were too large and tore the aluminum.
      Then they added acrylic paint to the foil, one side at a time, then
      wiped it away leaving the paint in the folds and wrinkles of the
      crumpled foil. They painted the edges of the bx that was still showing
      and the inside of the box. Most used black, my example was black, while
      some chose other colors. I have also used this same lesson to make faux
      jewelryou would like to see an exampley, students were given a small
      disc of cardboard they added raised cardboard images to the disc a paper
      clip at the top covered with aluminum foil aged with acrylic let dry add
      a black ribbon or yard using the paperclip as the fixing and you have a
      piece of jewelry. Even the boys like this one, one made a mickey mouse
      face that was a hit. I can post pictures if you are interested. Wanda
      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew" <ad@...> wrote:
      > Hello:
      > I think that these would make great photo boxes. A few dividers for
      4x6's and some glued-i ribbon to allow for easy removal of the photos
      would be great.
      > Not sure what the lingering tobacco smoke might do to the photos
      > A photo (or multiple photos) could be glued to the front and coated
      with Mod Podge or similar product, similar to the way they've done it on
      this how-to:
      > http://alphamom.com/family-fun/holidays/handmade-photo-cube/
      > All the best,
      > Andrew
      > Andrew Darlow
      > Editor, The Imaging Buffet
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      > Author, 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques:
      > An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers -
      > and
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      > --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "ktjoy02" k8schneider814@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello and happy new year to all!!
      > > I was just given about 100+ really nice cigar boxes for a possible
      art project.
      > > I was wondering if any of you creative art teachers had any neat
      suggestions for them? I teach 5th and 6th grade...
      > > Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your
      help :)
      > >

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