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Operation '1 is to 10' to boost museum visits

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  • Musa Heritage Gallery
    On the 18th December, 2010 Mus Art Gallery Grass-fields arts museum Cameroon shall be 14 years old. We have gone a long way, but there are greater challenges
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2010
      On the 18th December, 2010 Mus'Art Gallery 'Grass-fields arts museum' Cameroon shall be 14 years old. We have gone a long way, but there are greater challenges ahead of us. In the pipeline we have a line-up of planned projects:
      1. Starting an artist residency program as from 2011 for foreign artists.
      2. Development of a Folk Music Centre to promote our rich traditional music.
      3. Creation of Spectacle Space to promote performing arts in Kumbo.
      4. Creation of more websites on wordpress to promote the touristic potentials of the Grass-fields region.
      At the level of the museum; we need to fully catalog our collection, undertake renovation on the building, employ a conservator and other permanent staff. We cannot do all this without your support. We are examining possibilities to offer free access to all Kumbo residents. But we need to find possibilities to self-sustain our operations.Any ideas are welcome.
      Within the coming weeks major decisions shall be taken to broaden our membership in our continuous bid to safeguard our work in promoting the arts and culture. We hope you shall all join in this venture. Our advisory board is being enlarged and the new board is expected to begin work as from January 1st, 2011 composed of members from Cameroon, Africa and the diaspora drawn from the corporate sector, academia, museum world, government etc.
      Operation '1 is to 10' is an online drive we have launched to sensitize the public on our museum at this very crucial stage in its life. All you need to do is to introduce our homepage to at least 10 of your friends. If your 10 friends are encouraged to do same, you can imagine what you would have done to spread the message about our work.
      Just endeavor to introduce 10 people to our on-line gateway before the 18th December, 2010. It shall be a great way to join us in celebrating 14 years steadfast committment to heritage preservation.
      Our online gateway is located at http://musart.spruz.com

      Mus'Art Gallery Grass-fields arts museum  Established in 1996

                Bamfem Qtr, P.O Box 21. Kumbo, North West region, Cameroon Phone: +23779372652          
      musartgallery@..., musartgallery@..., musart.visitors@...

       From: Peter Musa, Director     

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