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Re: Currier and Ives - PRINTMAKING

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    Perfect -- printmaking is a great addition to the ideas I m presenting!! This is exactly what these volunteer inexperienced moms can handle, and the kids will
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 6, 2010
      Perfect -- printmaking is a great addition to the ideas I'm presenting!! 
      This is exactly what these volunteer inexperienced moms can handle,
      and the kids will love it. 
      Thanks, Lauren and Judy. 
      And also a thank you to Wanda for her calendar idea.

      Problem solved!! :)
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      On Oct 6, 2010, at 9:36 AM, Lauren Perlman wrote:

      MaryAnn, it's always nice to read about what you are up to:-)
      A nice project for printmaking:
      Styrofoam plates
      scrap paper for sketching
      colored ink
      extra paper for printing
      Have the students discuss themes for their works and sketch them on a scrap paper.  It is always good to plan out the artwork beforehand.  Then, they can create their sketch on the plate, scraping the design in with their pencil.  It is important to use the BOTTOM of the plate. So, they turn their plate over so that the bottom is facing up.
      They can then roll their brayers in a particular paint, roll it on their sketch, press another paper on top and, voila! a print.  Of course, you could talk to them about what a print is and how the computer printer today does the same thing....they can print multiple prints of their image by simply pressing another paper on top of it and repeating the steps above.
      I would discuss with them what would happen if they include numbers and letters.....and how they could include more than one color.....what happens regarding time......
      GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lauren R. Perlman, M.S. Ed

      Any chance the main focus could be printmaking?

      Currier and Ives was a printmaking firm. While I don't recommend
      WikiPedia for research, this article looks pretty good:

      Currier and Ives didn't do the actual painting - this was a
      printmaking firm with hired artists (to my knowledge).

      Having the children do lithography (using litho-sketch) is probably
      out of the question. Any chance they could do scratch foam prints and
      hand color those? They wouldn't be able to use water colors as water
      based inks wouldn't hold up, but maybe colored pencils?

      Another option - What about black pen/fine point marker drawings?
      Photocopy those onto better quality paper (that what is customarily
      used in the photo copy machine) and they could hand color those.

      How would these be mass produced today? Using modern technology. Scan
      and digitally reproduce.

      As far as theme? What kind of scenes are important to THEM (the
      students)? Currier and Ives were keen on what would be appealing to
      the people of THAT time period. I have never, never been an advocate
      for "in the style of" lessons - and never will.

      Sorry I did not post this sooner, but I have been VERY busy myself.
      Besides, I have been out of the classroom for 10 years and my mind is
      a bit fuzzy, too (chuckles).

      Feel free to use this information any way you wish.

      Judy Decker

      I have cut the calendar pictures into 2 or 3 inch squares depending of the
      size of the picture, numbered them for each picture, then mixed them all
      up. I then gave a piece to my students along with a larger piece of
      square paper 4x4 they then drew a grid on the calendar and paper to draw
      the picture  or they could free hand draw, rendering it in colored
      pencils. I have three classes of 8th grade students so some had parts of
      pictures in each class so some couldn't find their matching pieces until
      they finished. To display when they were finished I had them match the
      numbers on a large piece of construction paper taping thier piece in
      it's place. It is fun to see how their pieces match the pieces around it
      or maybe not. LOL After all pictures are completed I take up the
      originals tape them onto another piece of paper so they can see the
      originals in tact.



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