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Cultural Exchange Project (Pascale and all)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear World Art Teachers, John Buetel ( bueltelj@glenwood.k12.ia.us ) on Getty List has and excellent idea! I would like someone to take a nibble . Reply to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2004
      Dear World Art Teachers,
      John Buetel ( bueltelj@... ) on Getty List has and excellent idea! I would like someone to take a "nibble" . Reply to the list and I will forward - or reply directly to John. While John teacher middle school. I imagine upper elementary or beginning high school would also work in his lesson.
      From John:
      I am looking to do a cultural exchange unit with another middle school that would have a different cultural setting then Glenwood, IA. I would like my students to have an opportunity to look at other cultures, through art and conversation from other student in the world very different than what they know.

      My middle school has 330 seventh and eighth graders. My student population is Middle America. We are in a rural setting, yet a bedroom community for nearby Omaha, NE. Economic background runs the gambit from wealthy to poor, 95% Caucasian, other 5% is a mix of Hispanic, Asian American and African American.

      Here are my thoughts about this exchange and briefly my lesson objectives. I hope to do this by first having students explore the term culture and their own culture, and do art works that explore, expresses or identifies that culture. We would also look ate artist that have expressed cultural identities through their art.  I would like to connect with another middle school that would do a similar lesson and then exchange the selected art via the internet: web pages or emails.  The two schools could post pictures of  the art that best describes the culture of the student population and the area.  We could examine the art and ask questions of each other about the cultural identities or aspects we observe.  This could again be done by email or web page.

      I would like to start this unit / exchange in about a month.  If this is something you would like to participate in please respond to this email.

      Depending on the number of responders I may have different sections of students ( I have 12 ) exchange with different locations.

      John Bueltel
      Art Instructor
      Glenwood Middle School
      Glenwood, IA
      Back to Judy:
      Let us PROVE that ART (and technology) can bring this world closer together and bring cultural understanding....Let us PROVE ART can bring world peace. Yes...John - I DO want to hear more about your project. THIS is what Incredible Art Department is all about. Let us show that "Middle America" is not LOST (grin). John may have heard about a PBS program "Lost In Middle America" (that was all about Lima where I live...I am not lost - I know what they world needs -- smile).
      John - I would be willing for put a special section on Incredible Art Department to document this entire exchange - It would take priority over all other updates. IAD can be the web site for those who do not have one. I will get special permission from the Princeton Online Server for this porject....I will remove other files that are not getting used right now. I will set up a special email account so all can just be cc'd to me as you communicate.
      Blessings all! Wishing you success!
      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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