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  • s_kahn79
    I received this about six hours ago and did download some portions of this material. I felt that many on this list would appreciate this information -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2002
      I received this about six hours ago and did download some
      portions of this
      material. I felt that many on this list would appreciate this
      information - especially the art lessons.

      (Also, for those of you who are looking for some really nice
      links for preschool, primary and middle school children, e-mail
      me off list.
      I have compiled a really nice selection! I would post it here, but it
      really is off topic.)

      Sasha Sajid

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      Subj: Free Fall Creative Lesson Planning Newsletter
      Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 10:25:05 PM
      From: amontessoric@...
      To: undisclosed recipients

      Forwarded Message

      Bring some new fun, educational hands-on learning projects
      into your
      classroom this fall. Many of the AMC resource participants have
      shared some creative ideas that you can use as interdisciplinary
      exercises. You'll also discover some marvelous new recipes
      and crafts that
      you can incorporate into your multicultural lesson planning.

      Please feel free to forward this message!

      Below, is just *a sampling* of what you will find in this FREE
      eight part

      Aebleskiver ~ A Danish Pancake
      Felted Ball Ornament
      Special Decoupage Craft
      Make Your Own Barbie Clothes
      Instructions for Making a Guiro - Caribbean Musical Instrument
      Kaidy's Kommunication Kookies - A Chinese Recipe
      Merengues ~ Colombian Dessert
      (Also known as Suspiro in South America)
      Finger Paints Recipe
      A Simple Wreath
      Old Fashioned Apple Crisp
      Recipe for Wood Dough for Sculpting
      Montessorian Kathy O'Reilly Shares
      Two Recipes - Fresh Fruit Freeze &
      Apple Sauce Parfait
      from Cooking With Children Can Be Easy
      Snowman Paperchain
      Snow Covered Pine Trees
      Nectar Recipe for Hummingbirds ~ Science Hands On Learning
      Tolcana ~ "By making this recipe of the Apalachee students
      will gain insight into the lives of some of Florida's indigenous
      people." Recipe and Unit Study
      Flower Pot Bells
      Painted Kitchen Trivet
      Soft Pretzels
      Peanut Crunch Cake
      A French Ham and Cheese Recipe
      Mexican Cookie Recipe - Favorites for Christmas
      A Mexican Craft ~ Especially for the Holidays
      Learn How to Make Your Own Family Tartan
      A Ramadan Meal
      Flip-Flop-Splash ~ A Fun Sewing Project
      Apple Wreath
      Geography Catch Games ~ Games to Promote International
      Fish Printing ~ An Ancient Art First Perfected in Asia
      Lithuanian Cranberry Cake
      Beginning Cross Stitch and
      Continental Stitch for Making Coasters, Etc.
      Recipe from South Africa
      PrintNStitch ~ Free Sewing Graphics Program
      Oma's Cookies ~ A German Recipe
      Using Your Eyes to Draw ~ An Art Project
      Zebra Stick Craft
      Kaidy's Kommunication Kookies ~ A Chinese Recipe

      To access this newletter visit http://www.amonco.org and click on
      the Fall
      Lesson Planing Icon.

      Kind Regards,

      Frances Henderson

      American Montessori Consulting
      Serving School and Home Educators Since 1988

      Resource Center - Everything from A to Z

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