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Re: Fall Tip In Exchange - Theme: Behind the Mask - 6 single pages

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  • Heidi
    This is really an exciting undertaking, Judy. :-) Heidi
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2010
      This is really an exciting undertaking, Judy. :-)


      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, Judy Decker <jdecker4art@...> wrote:
      > Greetings Art Educators,
      > Altered Book Tip In pages give you a chance to "do a little art". As a
      > retired art teacher, I don't have much of a need to "do art". Making
      > art to sell was never something I wanted to do. Art is personal for me
      > - and a gift (I give away my art).
      > We do have a group for the fall exchange. I let the small group decide
      > the overall theme - and requirements.
      > Here are the specifications.
      > Theme: Behind the Mask (can be interpreted any way you wish).
      > Format: Single page - front and back - 5.5" w x 8.5" h (slightly
      > smaller doesn't hurt - but don't go larger as they are too big for
      > tipping in to most books - and larger won't fit in my special box I am
      > designing for my own pages)
      > Quantity for the exchange: Six pages - send me 5 (we all found out
      > last summer that doing 10 was too much)
      > Media: Anything goes!
      > Include return postage for Priority Mail (either a stamp or paid
      > return address label). Do NOT include the cardboard mailer (If your
      > mailing envelope can not be re-used - I will pick up the mailers. It
      > is better not to have them bent or folded). You may send to me any way
      > you wish, but please do not send Express Mail (it always makes me feel
      > bad when folks go to that expense).
      > Priority Mail has been by far the easiest way to go. It may cost you
      > an additional dollar or two - but it is well worth the time saving for
      > me (smile).
      > I haven't started putting mine together - so it may spread to two
      > pages. If you prefer working on facing pages - you still need to do
      > something on the front and back for this exchange. Since there are
      > more than enough members already, you can send me fewer than 5 pages
      > if you get "in a pinch" rather than dropping out.
      > The only big rule I enforce is that your pages can not be color
      > photocopies of your own original. Much of mine is done with computer
      > printed images - but all pages have "my hand" in them. Photography and
      > digital work is fine - and - YES, you can do the same thing for all
      > six pages. Often it takes me days to design the first page/pages.
      > Following that as a guide, I can complete each additional in a matter
      > of hours (My last series, once the original was set - which I planned
      > over several days - took over 40 hours to complete. Others were able
      > to get theirs done in less time).
      > Nice - but not required - is a page explaining the personal meaning of
      > your pages and technique used. I generally add a separate page, but
      > for this exchange, I am going to play with an idea I learned from
      > Ellen - adding a pocket to the back side an slipping in the "meanings"
      > page. Mine might even be in a small book form? Don't know yet. My own
      > personal meaning keeps going back and forth from a positive (as a
      > means to show off my GORGEOUS new Baule mask) - to a sort of negative
      > (those who hide behind a mask).
      > I will keep the group open for one more week - the group will be
      > finalized next weekend. Mailing to me won't be until January (or even
      > February) - I am much more flexible with this exchange. My August was
      > very busy this summer - hence the request for a July date.
      > Reply to me OFF- LIST (jdecker4art -ending in- gmail.com - of course,
      > don't forget the @)
      > Full name:
      > Email address:
      > Home address:
      > Phone (only used if necessary):
      > Email addresses get sent out to the group - but not home addresses.
      > I have another idea for a spring exchange, too -- and yes - one for
      > summer, so more exchanges will be offered if you can't join this one.
      > I really LOVE having international members, but postage is a problem.
      > My advice for those outside the US is to offer an exchange in your own
      > countries with art teachers in your community. I can help you get
      > started.
      > Regards,
      > Judy Decker
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