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Re: [art_education] Choice Based Art Education

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  • Jeff Pridie
    Diane, What a great idea. The TAB group has an online presence at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TAB-ChoiceArtEd/ On the online listserv their are files with
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2010

      What a great idea.  The TAB group has an online presence at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TAB-ChoiceArtEd/

      On the online listserv their are files with loads of information your students could absorb and research with.  Following the postings will answer some of your students basic questions to the more complex.
      I am a "Choice" teacher for the last 30 years.  I have taught "choice" to students in elementary, middle and high school.  Kathy and Diane used information personal and experiences from individuals on the listserv.

      I really appreciate your willingness to offer such a class to students and expanding their possibilities to bringing the experience of art to students they teach.  Big hug.

      Jeff Pridie (Minnesota)


      Hey Guys. I would love your ideas regarding Choice Based Art Education. I am
      teaching an online masters level course this semester called Contemporary Trends
      and Issues in Art Education at Texas Woman's University. The first Trend or
      Issue this semester is Choice Based Art Education. Some people call it TAB
      (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). Students will be reading and conducting
      online discussions about the ideas presented in one of my favorite books
      Engaging Learners Through Art Making: Choice-Based Art Education in the
      Classroom by Katherine Douglas and Diane B. Jaquith.

      My students would really appreciate hearing some real world stories about those
      of you who have embraced this approach to art education. I will pass them on to
      my students and encourage them to sign up for this discussion group. Our class
      starts tomorrow and they will be discussing this topic for the next three weeks.

      Thanks so much.

      Diane Gregory

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