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PLEASE - Stamp out COPYCATS - I listened to the Dollmakers

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  • Judy Decker
    (Note to Grace - scroll down to Note for Grace Hall) Dear Art Educators, Today is a good day to ramble.... The dollmakers are all up in a tizzy....Other
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
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      (Note to Grace - scroll down to Note for Grace Hall)

      Dear Art Educators,

      Today is a good day to ramble....

      The dollmakers are all up in a tizzy....Other dollmakers are stealing their
      ideas and copying them and selling them for lower prices on eBay.....and
      from what I hear -- they are darned good copies at that! We (art teachers)
      need to do out part to stop that kind of activity (smile). You folks will
      just have to trust me that this thread came up on Getty list too - archives
      are not up to date anymore (actually I am happy for that right now).

      Now just smile!....All of you who had your kiddies drawing "The Cat in the
      Hat" (in honor of Dr. Seuss) this week have nothing to fear as Dr. Seuss is
      dead...and he gives his blessing to have his work remembered....BUT should
      he be living? Well...Have the kiddies give the cat a new hat? A hat for
      every occasion...for every new task. What kind of hat would he need for
      thinking? for mowing the lawn? for making art? baking a pie?..... OR what if
      the story had been the pig in a hat? -- or the elephant in a hat? What would
      the hat look like then? and how would the story change? OR now extent the
      lesson -- what is inside that hat? Draw the cat with what is holding up that
      hat. - OR sculpt! waht is holding up that hat (I love Dr. Seuss' sculpture
      too). Mine will have one fish - then another fish - then a red fish and a
      blue fish (chuckles). I have been on my fish kick again too (Yes, he did
      sculpt fish too).

      Here is what "Joan" (I am finally Judy again on that list though) had to
      say to them:

      Laura - thank you for making my Merhorse! but shame
      on you for copying my idea (grin). I drew that
      Merhorse in 1991 - and made a ceramic version of him,
      too...only mine had a horn - so I guess she was a
      Merunicorn (smile). Mine had scales on her lower body,
      though....so I guess she was different...As you can
      tell...I am enjoying the copying thread!... Beasties
      was a unit I did with 6th graders - as it tied in
      with Middle Ages (social studies curriculum) We
      wrote stories about our beasties and their environment
      (tying in science too).

      The copying thread has been great!...and it is giving
      me some good material for the art ed lists.
      My advice to anyone who wants to copy - select an
      artist who is dead so you do not hurt his/her
      feelings. Picasso sure did NOT like it when Roy
      Lichtenstein was copying his style! But no one
      complained when Picasso did his works inspired by the
      masters (only done in his cubism style). Picasso and
      Matisse went round and round, too.

      Vermeer, Ingres and Van Gogh do not care that this
      artist copied their works.
      Mike Teague
      Van Gogh and one other (original artist is on the tip
      of my tongue -- I know the original of this inspired
      Manet to do his...):

      Anyone who wants to copy a living artist had better
      ask permission first and get their blessing...or an
      awful fate may fall upon them...you never

      Those of you are confident in your own work do not
      need to worry about copycats. Your work is what is
      valued - the original....and what will bring in the big
      bucks. My students never tried to copy my art...it was
      my art.

      Hats off to those of you who do well on embay. I spent
      some time on the site a couple of weeks ago -- but
      only looked at work that was different....there is a
      lot of sameness in much of what is there. You do take
      a risk of being copied when you put your work "out

      One artist we (art teachers) came in contact with is
      so uptight about his idea being copied that he will
      not even let art teachers show his work to their
      students...unbelievable! ...but true. I won't tell you
      what medium he works in....just that it is too ironic.
      I will never understand how an artist will think a
      kid will be able to copy his or her mastery in the

      Note to Grace Hall: I talked to one dollmaker about this artist (paragraph
      above). First I only told her the medium...She happened to find an article
      about an artist (yes, HIM that came across as very pro-Art Education - and
      sent me his name.... I directed her to parts of his site (shame on me
      because I clearly do not agree with his terms and should NOT have gone to
      his site again). I told her how so NOT pro art education he had been with
      us - the art teachers - She wrote him a letter! I never did hear back from
      him or his agent -- but covered our "As" for Getty should he not like what
      he found posted.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

      P.S. The dollmakers who are screaming the loudest are making fairies...How
      many different ways can you make a fairy?
      Honestly - my fairy viewing skills are not so fine tuned that I can tell who
      made what. If I wanted to buy a fairy - I would probably buy the one the
      cost less money too. I did browse the dolls category one Sunday -- but
      skipped all of the fairies. I only looked at dolls that were different. If
      the photo had been better - I would have shared a really cool Japanese
      Vampire woman with you.....Loved her look and costume. The dollmaker's work
      is all very un-doll like (not pretty dolls at all)....But I am sure they all
      have great stories to tell.
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