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Master Teacher tips - Motivation -Discipline

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I ll only post tips that fit within our threads.... Tips email doesn t say I can t share with you. Motivation - fear of failure thread.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
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      Dear Art Educators,

      I'll only post tips that fit within our threads....
      Tips email doesn't say I can't share with you.
      Motivation - fear of failure thread.

      MT Tip of the Week - March 3, 2004


      The following motivation techniques help if the abilities or skills of
      students are at various levels. First, try the buddy system for some
      lessons. Have better students tutor slower ones or just share learning
      experiences with them. Second, have lessons put on tapes to aid
      students who have visual problems or to help students review the
      material. Qualified students or parents may be eager to assist with the
      taping. Third, group five or six mixed-ability students to listen and
      to take notes. The more capable students can help with some of these

      From Judy: This is good for the "fear of failure" kids... I used the buddy
      system a lot with my middle school kids. We had many collaborations (and so
      what?). Many artists in the real world collaborate.

      MT Discipline Tip of the Week - March 3, 2004

      There are many times when we need to reinforce a student's positive
      behavior. We can do so easily and effectively by taking three specific
      actions: First, ask the student what he or she liked about his or her
      behavior in the specific situation where you want to provide
      reinforcement. Then listen closely to the answers. Second, repeat or
      paraphrase the student's description back to the student to reinforce
      the description and show that you were listening intently. Third, make
      a specific and supportive statement about the behavior which also labels
      it. For example, "Tommy, you seem to be thinking carefully before you
      respond to John's teasing. You are showing strong self-control." You
      can use this technique countless times and never wear it out.

      From Judy: What is that teacher doing about John's teasing? John isn't
      living his name if he is teasing Tommy....JOah is "gracious" .....Sorry....
      I am not showoing strong self control here, I guess (smile).

      I always complimented good behaviour when I had a kid who had been
      naughty....but not to this extent. I can see this working with elementary
      kids maybe.... I am wondering what Middlers would think - Embarrassed for
      finally getting it right? .... High schoolers would wonder why they are
      getting a "lecture" for doing what they are supposed to do (smile). Don't
      know about this one folks. I guess it would depend on the kid.

      If you would like to get Master Teacher tips - visit the web site...it is
      NOT a list serve...you get the tips to read -save - or delete.
      There is even a section of the site where you can get "Professional
      Development Credit".


      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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