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Re: [art_education] Valerie Bunnell - Mixed media artist (ceramic "dolls")

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  • Kathleen Maledon
    those of you interested in creative ideas on constructing dolls for lack of a better word can pick up Sommersett Studio s magazine Art Doll Quarterly . I
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2010
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      those of you interested in creative ideas on constructing 'dolls' for lack
      of a better word can pick up Sommersett Studio's magazine Art Doll Quarterly .
       I adore Sommersett Studio magazines and Cloth, Paper, 
      Scissors.  from, I believe, another publisher.  I like the breadth of materials that 
      are introduced to me and the market.  I've modified some of the dolls, too.
      We did a sculpey clay robe (thru the pasta press to blend colors) and made, then tweaked
      face molds to make a twig person standing on a rock with his/her staff.  All of these
      things harken to post-modernism.  k
      On Jul 30, 2010, at 9:25 AM, Judy Decker wrote:

      Greetings Art Educators,

      I finally did it! I bought a piece from Valerie Bunnell - mixed media
      artist. I love her work! I had admired it for 7 years (as this was her
      7th year at Ann Arbor Art Fair.... and might be her last?). I will
      have to look back in the archives to see if I posted her link in
      summer 2003....

      Check her site:

      I just know you can come up with a lesson inspired by her work. I wish
      I had known about her work when I did a lesson with eighth graders on
      ceramic figures many years ago (I used the Ancient Chinese Qin figures
      - but with a modern twist - maybe back in 1997?).

      Here is a photo of the one-of-a-kind dollie that I bought:
      Her body is an "antique" typewriter ribbon tin. It opens to show her
      heart - a glass bead.

      She makes wonderful necklaces (little hands stamped with words and
      embellished with beads) that are available in her art fair shows. I am
      going to special order one for myself for Christmas (none of the ones
      she had were perfect for me).

      Sorry I didn't send out a reminder for this year's Ann Arbor Art Fair.
      It is always the third full week in July - Wednesday through Saturday.
      We went Wednesday this year and I am glad we did! My 2 main purchases
      were both "one of a kind" - and probably wouldn't have been there had
      we waited till Thursday. I also picked up a special order I had made
      with a friend of mine. I like buying from him at the art fair, too. I
      "commissioned" him to make some bowls to match some plates I had
      purchased from him a couple of yeas ago.

      Getty folks, as always, if you post a reply, remove my email address
      before you click "Send".


      Judy Decker

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