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Re: [art_education] Re: First Days of School!

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  • Kathleen Maledon
    Julie, i did an asian unit and had a couple of projects that were pretty fun: tea tray: use masking tape on a box lid, weave; handles had been added b4 from
    Message 1 of 42 , Jul 10, 2010
      Julie, i did an asian unit and had a couple of projects that were pretty fun: tea tray: use masking tape on a box lid, weave; handles had been added b4 from rope and a stick of bamboo, paint chinese red and burnish with brn shoe polish'
      stamp center with asian stamp or paint on design; make kimonos from hosp. gowns: draw a big circle on back and marker in the design' use stamps to complete pattern around the rest (color theory was involved); we made abstracts of fans:
      make paper pulp and drape over toilet paper rolls or other supports' dry and glue in bamboo sticks.  the mixed media was very cool for the kids.  by the way, I might be the only person in the world that cannot origami fold!  k
      On Jul 10, 2010, at 10:47 AM, Julie Casebourn wrote:

      I"m so glad you recommended the Between the Folds dvd... I just ordered from Amazon... so interesting; Youtube has some great excerpts but the series is incomplete.. or I couldn't find all the pieces and parts to it there.  I am planning an all asian theme next year for my K-6 students so I am illiciting advice on orgami how-to books for the young ones, upper elementary and the older students... suggestions please??? I would like a book(s) that have a variety of levels included for example: book(s) that begin with simple step by step with pictures and with every new origami figure the level of difficulty becomes more challenging.  Throw some books at me peeps.

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      Keep it simple at first; once you master a few items, you will have the students mesmerized-- ------also check out a website called "Math in Motion" and see how they use the connections between origami and math. Have you seen "Between the Folds" on YouTube?---- Really sends the message about potentials of math origami concepts. 
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      I really like this idea.  I will need to brush up on my origami folding skills or it will tell the Ss something about me, like....I am new to origami!!
      For those of us who are new to the art, do you suggest just picking up a simple book and some practice papers?

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      Hi, Lisa! Congratulations on your first art ed job!
      I am an elementary art teacher. I've never taught Middle School, but when I student taught HS back in the mid '90s, I had a drawing activity the first day because students are eager to do something. 

      This assignment might translate well for middle school students.

      I folded a bunch of origami figures (crane, seahorse, flower, duck, swan, horse, fish, etc.--I folded several of each) and challenged my students to compose a drawing (pencil only) featuring the figure of their choice. (They got to take it with them to their seat.) They drew it on a square (8 x 8, I think) since origami is folded from a square. They were allowed to draw it in multiples if they wished. They had to make good use of the whole picture plane. I encouraged them to explore it from various angles.

      I think the first day they did contour drawings. After that they were to design a suitable background and add value. The backgound could be a realistic setting or simply a pattern, but it had to enhance their composition. We used only pencil, no color for this assignment.

      I was pleased with how their work turned out. They were having to draw from observation, but the clean lines and distinct angles of the origami figures seemed to be an appropriate challenge for multiple skill levels, and it helped me assess where each student was with his or her art skills and work habits.

      It also told the students something about me: I love origami! I chose only figures that I love to fold and that I thought would translate well into a 2-D composition.

      Amy in TN

    • Penny Lee
      I suggest you..... keep it simplesee if you can get a copy of the 5th grade Art curriculum (on-line, maybe)design / create a lesson so the hiring agent
      Message 42 of 42 , Jul 12, 2010
      I suggest you.....

      • keep it simple
      • see if you can get a copy of the 5th grade Art curriculum (on-line, maybe)
      • design / create a lesson so the hiring agent (principal or human resources person) could learn something about Art; would be impressive.

      You might try an activity that ties in with History / Social Studies which you'd have to find a copy of the 5th grade History / Social Studies curriculum, which maybe available on-line.  You'll need to get copies of Art work (paintings preferably) that are reflective of the time periods 5th graders study in History / Social Studies. 

      I've attached a plan I wrote and used for an observation I did two years ago.  It is a cross-curriculum activity that is also a cooperative one that does not require a lot of set-up or does it create a mess.  Ironically, it was for fifth grade.  Feel free to use it if you'd like to.  Let me know how it goes.

      Penny Lee

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      Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 07:53:18 -0400
      Subject: Re: [art_education] Lesson for interview advice

      All I know is that the lesson can be about anything (art) but he didn't
      want to give me anymore details until I am asked to come for the 2nd
      interview. The 1st interview is Tues and then the 2nd will be on
      Thursday. I imagine it would be 45-60 minutes and need closure.

      > What is your time frame and can the lesson be open ended or do you need
      > true
      > closure at the end of the lesson?
      > Paige
      > ________________________________
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      > Subject: [art_education] Lesson for interview advice
      >>I have an interview in a few days and if I am selected for round two, I
      > need to present a lesson to a group of 5th grade students. Any advice
      > on what would be a good lesson to impress both students and
      > administration?
      > Many Thanks,
      > Reen

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