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Re: [art_education] First Days of School!

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  • Lisa Edwards
    Thanks for the info/links Chery! Will definitely take a look. Yes, I am looking at trash in a whole new light! In my case, this is the first year for an
    Message 1 of 42 , Jul 6, 2010
      Thanks for the info/links Chery!
      Will definitely take a look.
      Yes, I am looking at "trash" in a whole new light!   In my case, this is the first year for an art program at my school so I am starting from scratch, with no real budget!  I will have to be very resourceful to come up with equipment/supplies.
      Again, appreciate the links!
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      Subject: Re: [art_education] First Days of School!


      HI Paige and Lisa, I found this link when searching some time ago for art lessons on Franz Marc for my Grade 7 students.

      Many of the lessons are based on the Scholastic Art magazines which I would love to purchase but sue to the cost of postage etc to Australia is prohibitive.  Whilst I only teach Kinder to  grade 7 students I was responsible for developing middle school art lessons for Distance education students several years ago. Another great lesson sources is the Incredible art department  and the particular lesson on wire-stocking sculptures- which is so effective. There are lots of blogs out there to

      http://www.princeto nol.com/groups/ iad/lessons/ middle/middle23. html This can be approached from many different artistic styles including Picasso, Chihuly.

      Good luck as you embark on your new jobs. But be wary throwing out too much- Budget cuts can be deadly( if they occur ) and then there is the regret that I could have used that.
      Chery Hancock
      Perth Australia
      Oz Kidz Artz blog
      http://cheryl- hancock.blogspot .com/

      On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 9:39 PM, Paige Conn <mermaidmom10@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      I was just sitting down to write a post explaining my situation and my questions so I will piggy back off Lisa's.
      My name is Paige.  I was a member of the group several years ago and very active until my district implemented "new and improved" technology and then I could no longer receive posts.  At the close of this past year, I chose to spice up my life by moving from teaching art 1st-5th, about 1,000 students with a crazy segmented schedule to teaching art at middle school.  I will be teaching 6th-8th, "art 1, art 2 and art 3" (not so sure that there are clear cut objectives for each) as electives, meeting daily for 50 minutes. So I am back on my home computer and looking SO FORWARD to tapping into your expertise!!
      I will have taught most of the students that I will be having.  I taught at the elementary for 7 years so the kids that I had as 1st graders will now be my 8th graders.  So I am not going in too cold.  But the aspect of meeting every day will oh so new (I did teach in the "regular" classroom for 15 years before landing an art position).
      A few questions off the top of my head-
      Does anyone have any experience/comments on structuring your week into different areas of concentration.  Say, UIL/Art History prep on Mondays, work on projects T-Th, altered books on Friday or something similar?  Of course I am not suggesting that these days stand completely alone, but that threads tie them together.  Students have to be prepared for UIL competition in early December I believe and I thought I would tie that into the curriculum.
      I was also planning on using the first few days to have students work on a portfolio cover and to also work in some pre-testing to see where everyone is.
      In bed last night, I considered doing "Self-Portraits" across the classes focusing on a wide variety of "types".  This would give the students an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to me.
        Art 1 maybe oversized dry pastel on pellon,
      Art 2 maybe enlarging their fingerprints. ..has anyone ever done this?  I saw an example I believe in the MOMA catalog one time and thought it was a really cool approached to a portrait
       and then maybe for art 3, have the students construct elaborate headdresses that represent who they are.  I do not have it in front of me right now but I saw a video, Art from the Global Scrapheap or something like that highlighted headdresses made by a man in Mexico that are believed to hold their spirit, so I would use that as a springboard.
      I am also looking for ideas on EVERYTHING else; highlighting student artwork, organizing the room, organizing the year, etc.
      I am taking over a room where the last teacher has taught for over 20 years!!  She was amazing, but I gotta purge!!  So I am off to spend another couple of hours playing, "What the heck is this?"
      Again, I am so excited about the opportunity to be a part of the knowledge and support of this group.
      Middle School Art
      Fredericksburg, Texas


      Sent: Mon, July 5, 2010 1:53:52 PM

      Subject: [art_education] First Days of School!


      Hi all! My name is Lisa Edwards and I will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade art in a Mississippi public school for the fist time ever this year. While I have a degree in interior design and a background in a cake decorating business, I'm new to art education! I'm extremely excited and yet nervous at the same time! Thank God for this site and for all of you; reading has given me a wealth of information.

      Now for my question...while I have lots of ideas of projects I want to do with the kids I'm trying to figure out how I want to start off the year; the first days of school specifically. I know we'll have to go over rules and procedures, but besides that, does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be a great first lesson plan? Maybe something that helps me to get to the know the students or figure out where they are with their art skills? Any suggestions out there?

      Thanks so much.

      Cheryl Hancock
      Cooper, Dior and Charisma
      Perth Australia

    • Penny Lee
      I suggest you..... keep it simplesee if you can get a copy of the 5th grade Art curriculum (on-line, maybe)design / create a lesson so the hiring agent
      Message 42 of 42 , Jul 12, 2010
      I suggest you.....

      • keep it simple
      • see if you can get a copy of the 5th grade Art curriculum (on-line, maybe)
      • design / create a lesson so the hiring agent (principal or human resources person) could learn something about Art; would be impressive.

      You might try an activity that ties in with History / Social Studies which you'd have to find a copy of the 5th grade History / Social Studies curriculum, which maybe available on-line.  You'll need to get copies of Art work (paintings preferably) that are reflective of the time periods 5th graders study in History / Social Studies. 

      I've attached a plan I wrote and used for an observation I did two years ago.  It is a cross-curriculum activity that is also a cooperative one that does not require a lot of set-up or does it create a mess.  Ironically, it was for fifth grade.  Feel free to use it if you'd like to.  Let me know how it goes.

      Penny Lee

      To: art_education@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 07:53:18 -0400
      Subject: Re: [art_education] Lesson for interview advice

      All I know is that the lesson can be about anything (art) but he didn't
      want to give me anymore details until I am asked to come for the 2nd
      interview. The 1st interview is Tues and then the 2nd will be on
      Thursday. I imagine it would be 45-60 minutes and need closure.

      > What is your time frame and can the lesson be open ended or do you need
      > true
      > closure at the end of the lesson?
      > Paige
      > ________________________________
      > From: "reens@..." <reens@...>
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      > Subject: [art_education] Lesson for interview advice
      >>I have an interview in a few days and if I am selected for round two, I
      > need to present a lesson to a group of 5th grade students. Any advice
      > on what would be a good lesson to impress both students and
      > administration?
      > Many Thanks,
      > Reen

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