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University offers scholarships to art students

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  • Ken
    A professor at Lawrence Technological University asked that I post this to art teachers who know of art students who may benefit from this program: Hello
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      A professor at Lawrence Technological University asked that I post this to art teachers who know of art students who may benefit from this program:

      Hello Instructors,

      I would be sincerely appreciative of you forwarding this note to your students. My note below provides information on the following three items:

      1. $156,000 of outstanding portfolio scholarships for this Fall
      2. Summer Camp – July 19-23, 2010
      3. Application process for the Transportation and Industrial Design

      ITEM #1

      We have not formally met, so I would like to introduce myself, I'm the Director of the Transportation and Industrial Design programs at Lawrence Technological University. I would be very appreciate if you can forward this note to your students that have artistic talent. Many individuals are not aware that you can have a very successful professional careers with financial security equivalent to or better than, in many cases: engineering, business, marketing, lawyers, and doctors. As you are aware, being artistic and creative is something that someone is born with, much like being an athlete. This creative talent can be harnessed into product and vehicle design – which companies highly seek and are priced. We currently have $156,000 of portfolio scholarships to award. Please encourage students to apply or contact me directly.

      ITEM #2

      I wanted to forward you information regarding our summer camp and scholarships in case any of you have an opportunity to attend:

      · Link to a previous camp projects:

      · Summer Camp registration information (Automotive and Industrial Design at very bottom of page):

      ITEM #3

      If you are the type of individual that is very creative and coming up with solutions or product designs to things no one is considering or asking for – then you found the right profession and university! It surprises many parents and students to learn that they can use their artistic talent in a professional career. The Transportation Design program leads to a career in designing: cars, trains, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, mass transit, snowmobiles, etc. Industrial Design includes professions in: product, fashion, entertainment (Hollywood), game art, story boarding, graphics, and apparel. Please see the attachments for project examples from our students and links below to view the Gallery website. Corporations are also very interested in hiring talented female designers as many shy away and go into different careers. Since half of the population is females, companies are searching for talented females to design their products – please see their attachment or link (http://www.ltu.edu/architecture_and_design/art_design/trans_design_women_designers_wanted.asp ).

      Our Transportation Design and Industrial Design programs are for the high caliber artist and inventor. Each of our programs admit only twelve students a year - entrance into these programs is very limited and exclusive. To apply online you can go to http://www.ltu.edu/futurestudents/apply.asp?_wds=fs. Our program and studio environment is structured like a four year apprenticeship. Below is a summary of industry projects:

      - FRESHMAN: 1st Project - Working with Ford to design the 2030 Mustang
      - FRESHMAN: 2nd Project – Designing the 4th generation DeWalt construction radio
      - SOPHOMORE: 1st Project - Designing the "Come back story to Dodge Cars" for Chrysler President, Ralph Gilles
      - JUNIOR: 1st Project – Developing a customization strategy of Chevy brand for GM
      - JUNIOR: 2nd Project – Interior Connectivity design for Visteon
      - DESIGN COMPETITION (scholarship awards that is open to all of our students) – Sponsored project by AISI and Michelin
      - Last year projects included: Ford, Jeep, Adidas, and LSR

      As a brief background, our university was founded by the request and support of the most iconic person in automobile industry – Henry Ford. Henry asked the Lawrence brothers to start an engineering school as he needed more engineers in his company. So, where else would Lawrence Tech be located – at the most historic site in the automotive history – Highland Park Plant – the first moving assembly plant! The school was founded in 1932. Since then, it moved a few miles north into the city of Southfield. Another automotive star (and LTU student) you might be familiar with is John DeLorean , founder and owner of DeLorean cars. The school is very rich with automotive history!

      I'm the Director of the Transportation Design and Industrial Design programs at LTU. If are interested in our programs, please email me at design@... and visit our website:

      Transportation Design: http://www.ltu.edu/architecture_and_design/index.asp
      Animation Video (program is heavy on digital design): http://www.ltu.edu/architecture_and_design/art_design/animation.asp
      Industrial Design: http://www.ltu.edu/architecture_and_design/index.asp

      Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions. We have a few remaining seats open in both of our programs for the Fall 2010 semester – you might be the last person to fill the remaining seat.

      -Professor Keith A. Nagara (248.204.2836)
      Director of Transportation Design Program
      College of Architecture and Design
      Lawrence Technological University
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