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Zeum children's museum question

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  • artsypffartsy
    Anybody from San Francisco area been to the children s museum, Zeum? I see that they have claymation for kids there, and that they do workshops for educators
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      Anybody from San Francisco area been to the children's museum, Zeum?
      I see that they have claymation for kids there, and that they do workshops for educators about claymation. I'll have all 16 of our animations on line on my website soon. We did them all in 7 weeks, could have used a few more weeks for editing in some situations, or to shoot a scene over in one or two, but frankly, I was stunned by how great they turned out for their first animations as 5th graders. So creative. I did not start them until after Spring break as it was a surprise to us that we all just wanted to do then so much THEN. Next year, it will be January. Having the end of school, comments, rearranging my room to please a fire inspector (*$#)*), and finishing all 16 in the last week was, um, a bit much. But it was an experience of FUN that I will never forget, and plan to do again and again. It's so perfect for kids to do. They learned how to use a camera, how to create armatures for clay characters, how to make sets, how to use movie maker software, sound making software, how to blend music with sound effects and/or talking, how to move their characters through their actions so that the action flowed smoothly (well, most did, haha!)
      how to craft a 1-2 minute plot with beginning, middle, and ending (some could have used more time there), and they laughed. and laughed. and worked. and worked. and laughed some more. RICH experience. We showed them all to their parents with the preface that we are glad we did it, had a blast, but we could have used some more time in some instances. As I said, next year, I will do it in January, my tech support person is going to team teach it with me (YES!!!!) and I have a new aid coming next year who has photography background. So, with three of us in the room to help 4 groups daily, it should really be an amazing experience. We are changing software for the movie part. This year's software froze up a lot, which did not help my state of mind in the last two weeks of school, for SURE. We've talked as a group and identified ways to tweak the unit next year so that it flows even better. Can't wait to do it again.
      Now, I might want to go to SF Zeum for an educator's animation workshop. Has anybody been to one out there? I just want to be sure I will learn something after already doing all of this by trial and error and learning so much.
      LInda in HOuston, St. John's Lower School.
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